I used to be frustrated with cigars that featured a closed foot, thinking that it took longer to light and created an uneven burn. Then I learned that the intent of a closed foot is to offer us the opportunity to experience the wrapper by itself, before adding in the full experience with the wrapper, binder, and filler.


Here’s what I do to light a cigar with a closed foot:

  • Carefully toast the foot without heating it up too much to avoid igniting the filler tobacco. Avoid letting the flame touch the cigar itself.
  • Enjoy the moment knowing that you’re smoking an almost pure form of the highest grade tobacco in your cigar: the wrapper.
  • Once the wrapper has been enjoyed, continue lighting the rest of your cigar like your normally would.

How much of this is personal preference? Just about all of it! Cigars are largely a personal hobby, and it’s up to you to enjoy them how you see fit. Cheers amigos!

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