Wrapper: Connecticut Fuerte Binder: Undisclosed Filler: Dominican Republic, Cubano and San Vicente
Brand: Illustrious Goodfellas Factory: Undisclosed CigarNoise Price Range: 

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut – Initial Observations

When I envision goodfellas, I imagine Eliot Ness and The Untouchables chasing the lackeys of Al Capone down the dark side streets of Chicago.  As I sat to review this cigar, I wasn’t wearing pinstripes, nor a fedora, nor was I brandishing a Tommy gun.  Still, the name evoked a feeling of nostalgia in me.

The website for the Illustrious Goodfellas brand features well thought out photos evoking class, sophistication and timelessness. Founders Nate and Olivia Edwards base their company out of Jacksonville, Florida with their cigars being hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic.

Their site claims that they are working on an online storefront for future sales.  Eighteen different vitolas are offered presently , ranging from the Presidente 60 x 7 to the 38 x 4 1/2 Short Story.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut Review

Click here to read our Q&A with Nate and Olivia of Illustrious Goodfellas

The perfecto shaped cigar before me was smooth in appearance and sweet smelling on the wrapper.  The gold colored single band on the cigar is classy and simple .  The cold draw treated me with sweet, dry hay flavors.  I chose water to accompany my first smoke of the day and opted for a straight cut.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut – First Third

Mild Tobacco, Strong Coffee, Cream, Black Cherry

Upon torching this Connie, I was immediately met with sweet, mild tobacco notes. Hints of coffee appeared in the background but finish quickly on the palate.  As the Torra Connecticut began to heat up, flavors became less subtle and coffee pushed to the front of the profile with cream following closely behind.  Mild tobacco finished off the show.  Sweet and faint describe the tobacco tastes perfectly.


Whereas the initial retrohale was mild, sinus heat ramped up throughout the course of this segment.  Another of my favorite flavors made a cameo appearance as well, although well hidden behind the coffee and cream: black cherry!

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut Fuerte Review

The construction of the cigar was very good.  The ash was holding soundly with no effort on my part.  The draw remained effortless during the first twenty-three minutes of the cigar.  Impressive volumes of smoke developed even under light puffs.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut Fuerte Review

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Conecticut – Second Third

Coffee, Cream, leather, Mild Tobacco, Black pepper

Coffee and cream unapologetically took the driver’s seat followed by the mild tobacco finish I’d experienced thus far.  The burn was wavy throughout this third, eventually forcing me to apply a small touch-up to correct the burn.  I wouldn’t describe the char line as sharp, but it remained predictable.

I let the cigar sit several times during this review while I cruised Instagram posts and CigarNoise updates.  Even without my constant attention, it never attempted to go out but kept churning out smoke like a coal driven locomotive!

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut Fuerte Review

Hints of black pepper introduced itself late in the second third.  Unfortunately, black cherry suffered stage fright and never reappeared.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut – Final Third

Coffee, Cream, Black Pepper

While the profile of flavors didn’t transition during the last part of the cigar, black pepper did become slightly stronger on the tongue and lips.  Coffee tendencies were strongest on the palate with creamy flavors ruling the retrohale.  The strength of this cigar picked up in the last third as well, finishing on a solid medium strength note.

I didn’t begin to notice any real heat increase until there was just enough cigar to hold on to.  Even when my fingertips began feeling the heat, this cigar kept a solid composure, remaining flavorful and producing smoke to impress.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut Fuerte Review

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Connecticut Review
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Easy draw

Good construction

Enjoyable flavors


Wavy, dull char line

Lacked complexity

For a Connecticut cigar, the strength of the Illustrious Goodfellas Torra was above average. While the flavors weren't at all dissatisfying, the flavor profile was anything but complex. The second and final thirds offered similar flavors as those preceding them. I'd smoke this cigar again but I'd do so knowing exactly what to expect. While predictability can be a bad characteristic, that's not necessarily the case with the Torra.
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