Conocedor is a company that started from the idea to create the sharpest and most refined cigar cutters ever made. Initially the goal was to create them for personal use but eventually the idea developed into a quality based cigar accessories company with an extended range of cigar accessories. Uniqueness, fine craftsmanship and innovative design are the main characteristics of these cigar accessories.

Conocedor Double Blade Cutter

Conocedor Octa Cutter

The cigar cutters Octa and Roswell are the result of over a year of daily work and in addition to appealing designs feature various unique features such as Damasteel stainless steel blades, mother of pearl inlays, hand engraved logo, CNC machined parts and unique friction free locking system. The blades are heat treated in temperatures over 1000 celsius degrees, hand polished, etched in acid(to bring out the damascus pattern) and finally sharpened by hand with unique sharpening method that takes over one hour per blade, resulting in the sharpest cigar cutter blades ever made. The precise fit, smooth action and sharpness of the blades are highly exceptional. These and other features of the cutters can be discovered in more detail on the Conocedor website

Conocedor Humidor

The desktop humidors are all one of a kind creations with innovative features, such as marquetry lids (art made from pieces of inlaid colored veneer), hand engraving, premium quality woods and hardware. In addition to the pictured humidors on the website, Conocedor offers bespoke humidors that are built with the customer’s desired features.

Conocedor Marquetry

The marquetry art found on the lids of humidor models “Aires Habanos” and “Viñales” is of unforeseen vividness and detail created by master artisan with decades of experience in the art. Made-to-order bespoke humidors can feature marquetry lid based on the customer’s preferred picture. As another unique feature these two humidor models feature elegant hand engraved escutcheons, reflecting the quality and uniqueness of each humidor. Bespoke humidors can be ordered with custom hand engraving on the escutcheon or a separate brass plate inside the humidor with gift inscription or monogram, for example.

The third humidor model is the largest one, featuring a tray for a single row of cigars and is titled “El Capitan”, with high quality figured maple veneer.

Conocedor Gold Lighter

For Chinese market, Conocedor offers luxury made-to-order dragon themed lighter with solid gold, diamonds and rubies.

Each product and feature is created from the standpoint of a demanding cigar aficionado, ensuring the products stand up to the name of the company in all aspects.

The product range is evolving and recent creations can be discovered through the newsletter, instagram and the website.

The above statement and photo credits belong to Conocedor.

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