Yesterday’s wrap-up of Day 1 didn’t include everything from the day, so let’s keep going!

Emilio Cigars

Emilio has two new cigars coming out. The first is the Cavatina, which was made as a collaboration with James Brown of Black Label Trading Co / Black Works Studio fame. The word Cavatina means “a short song of simple character, without a second strain or any repetition of the air”.

Emilio Cigars Cavatina

They’re also releasing the Emilio Fifteen Limited Edition, which they said has been in the works for two years.

Emilio Cigars Fifteen IPCPR 2016

You can expect to see reviews of both of these cigars on CigarNoise in the future.

Double Shot Cigars

Double Shot Cigars is saying they’re “like Red Bull in a cigar format.” When I asked how that worked, I was told that they use a spray on the leaves that includes some of the same components as energy drinks, like caffeine and taurine. According to the folks in the booth, it doesn’t change the flavor of the cigar. We discussed doing a review of these cigars, and it seems very likely we will. I wasn’t able to find a website for them, but they are active on Instagram as @doubleshotcigars

Double Shot Cigars IPCPR 2016

An editorial comment: many people at IPCPR look a little beat by the end of the long days on the show floor. The folks at Double Shot did always seem to have a lot of energy.

Garo Cigars

Garo Cigars is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new cigar, aptly named the 20th Anniversary.

Garo Cigars 20th IPCPR 2016.

Dr. Garo, the man behind the brand, takes a good picture.

Garo Cigars Dr. Garo IPCPR 2016

In this picture, you can see the Edicion Limitada 2010 with the red bands and the Maduro Especial in the black box.

Elogio Cigars

Elogio Cigars is a B&M-only brand with cigars in the medium & medium-full range. They told me that their focus is on high quality rather than high production, so they are not sold at a large number of retailers right now.

Elogio Cigars IPCPR 2016

One of their lines is called LSV, and they told me a story about how that wasn’t intentional. It was originally supposed to be called SLB, for Slide Lid Box. Somewhere along the line, that was misconstrued to be LSV. They realized the mistake after everything had been made, so they decided to go with LSV and call it Limitada Seleccion Vigoroso. They said it turned out well for them and they wouldn’t change a thing now.

Booth Porn

The booths and displays at IPCPR are beautiful. Who doesn’t love a beautiful booth? Let’s take a look at some of the displays.

Diamond Crown IPCPR 2016

Ashton IPCPR 2016

Perdomo IPCPR 2016

Padron IPCPR 2016

AJ Fernandez IPCPR 2016

Nat Sherman IPCPR 2016

La Flor Dominicana LFD IPCPR 2016

Battleground Cigars IPCPR 2016

Foundation Cigar Company The Upsetters IPCPR 2016

Drew Estate Norteno Willy Herrera Cigars IPCPR 2016

Illusione Cigars IPCPR 2016

Cornelius & Anthony Cigars IPCPR 2016



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