I started day 2 by smoking a Serino Royale Medio in my hotel room. Nice cigar! I didn’t realize there were still smoking hotel rooms out there, so God Bless Vegas. I managed to set the smoke alarm off, so off I went to the show floor to see what there was to see. As with the Day 1 Recap, these are just highlights. It isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list or brands, or even of new cigars within each brand.

Alpha Cigar Co.

Making my way to the back of the show floor, I found Alpha Cigar Co. You may remember them from Ted’s recent review of one of their absinthe-infused cigars, which rated a 9.3 on our 10-point scale. Alpha has 3 lines of cigars, each infused with a different type of absinthe. Each is pictured below with the type of absinthe is it infused with.

San Andres Maduro:

Alpha Cigar Co

San Andres Claro:

Alpha Cigar Co.


Alpha Cigar Co.

And, in case you think their cigars are low-quality sticks propped up by the absinthe flavoring, they’ve created a Defuser line. It’s the same line of cigars, but without the absinthe flavoring.

Alpha Cigar Co

Entrada Cigars

The folks at Entrada Cigars showed me a few neat things they have going on. Their current lineup has been released in several vitolas.


The vitola that impressed me most from a presentation perspective was the lancero. Check out how beautiful these lanceros look.


They are also releasing a new line called Libertas. It’s their freedom-loving response to the looming FDA regulations. What you see below are the first pictures taken of their brand new boxes – these boxes were delivered to the show floor while I was talking to them in the booth. A definite trend throughout the show was that box and band makers can’t keep up with the volume of people requesting boxes and bands right now. With both IPCPR and the FDA regulation, these last couple months would have been a profitable time to be a box maker or a band manufacturer. It wasn’t too uncommon to see bands on some cigars that had been printed out on personal printers so they’d look presentable for the show without their final label. Check out the Libertas:


The artwork on their bands and boxes is all locally done in their home area of Omaha. The details are well-done.

IMG_2835-1024x768    IMG_2834-1024x768

Whiff Out

Whiff Industries had a booth with their product Whiff Out displayed and ready for use. Whiff Out is a crystalline powder used in the bottom of an ashtray to deodorize. If you’re anything like me, you were skeptical of their claim. I put it to the test in my hotel room, where it did seem to help keep the odor down. They also had a spray you could use on your clothing that kept smoky odor at bay. They sprayed my shirt with it around mid-day, and it didn’t smell like cigars at the end of the day. I went in skeptical, but my initial tests show that there’s value to this product.


Tobacconist University R&D Lab

Many people know about Tobacconist University – they have a website dedicated to cigar information, they certify tobacconists, and they put out a book about cigars. Fewer people probably know about their line of R&D cigars. These cigars are meant to “educate your mind and palate”. They produce two full-sized cigars in four vitolas each. In addition, their R&D lab cranks out small puro components so consumers can try the component pieces of cigars. Tobacconist University cigars & puro components can be sold by retailers working to attain their Certified status.


Miami Cigar & Co.

Miami Cigar & Company is an umbrella group for several brands. They had a bunch of new releases that are worth highlighting. The first is a new Corojo in the Nestor Miranda Collection, which is an attempt to round out the lineup. Several companies took a similar approach prior to FDA regulation going into effect: they sought to fill gaps in their core lines so they wouldn’t miss a market.


La Aurora came out with additions to their 1903 Preferidos line. Previously, all of the Preferidos came in tubos. Now, you can buy the cigars at a lower price point and without the tubos. They’re hoping to get more entry-level smokers to try this previously-higher-priced line.


If you’re a fan of strength in your cigars, you might be interested in the new Viva Republica lanceros. Both the Guerrilla Warfare and the Advanced Warfare now come in lanceros.



Regius Cigars featured their Seleccion Orchant, Limited Edition. Akhil from Regius told me that it’s the only cigar produced outside of Cuba to have this secondary band with an authentic provenance.


I smoked one of these and found it to be a very good cigar. I have one more to review.

The Interviews

The Day 2 interviews were mostly with folks we know and enjoy on CigarNoise. They’re old friends to us at this point. I’m grateful to them for spending some extra time with us by shooting videos! Check out what they had to say:

Edolara Cigars

Campesino Series and Tabaqueria 1844

Chogui Cigars

Cigars for Warriors



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