Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro
Binder: Corojo 98
Filler: Ligero
Vitola: 5 x 60 Toro
Brand: Jacoub’s Tobacco
Factory: Undisclosed
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Review Samples

Jacoub’s’ Tobacco Gold Edition – Opening thoughts

Having received several cigars from Jacoub’s Tobacco to review, I decided to start at the top and work my way through their standard line later.  Jacoub’s Tobacco signature cigars are available in Short Robusto, Robusto, Toro and Gordo vitolas.  Wrapper choices include Connecticut, Corojo and Maduro.

The Jacoub’s Tobacco Gold Edition cigar was a rustic looking stick and appeared well constructed.  The San Andreas Maduro wrapper was toothy and slightly rough to the touch.  The cigar was firm to the touch and had a decent amount of weight to it as well.

When I took a deep whiff of the wrapper, fresh cut grass and barnyard scents were heavy.  The foot offered some mild spice and mild tobacco notes.  I clipped the cap with a straight cut, exposing a slightly tight draw and more of the same mild spice and tobacco offered at the foot.

Jacoub’s Tobacco Gold Edition – First Third

Earth, Leather, Cocoa, Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes, Salt, Cured Meat, Cedar

With the foot toasted and a few puffs into the books, the smoke production on the Gold Edition was average.  Generic flavors of earth and leather led out the gate with hints of cocoa floating in and out of the profile.  There was also a little saltiness on my palate as the profile finished.  Early on, the retrohale consisted of cocoa and some white pepper which was a really nice combo.  Midway through the first portion the salty notes disappeared, replaced by a cured meat flavor.  This provided a unique “jerky” flavor I can say I have never experienced in another cigar.

Jacoub's Tobacco Gold Edition Review First Third

The flavor change towed along some increasing spice on the tongue resembling red pepper flakes.  It wasn’t overpowering but increased noticeably.

The flakey ash fell rather quickly in the first third leaving a decent mess on the table where the rest was.  The burn was jagged and required more than one touchup to keep it from getting too crazy. Additionally, the smoke throughout the first third was very light in body and production was far lower than I experience with most cigars.  The draw throughout the first third required more effort than I like, detracting from the experience as well.

Jacoub’s Tobacco Gold Edition – Middle Third

Earth, Leather, Beef Jerky, Cocoa, Coffee, Cedar, Red Pepper Flake

With The Gold Edition pulling me into the middle section of the cigar It began to feel familiar.  The same earth and leather notes which started us on this journey continued to lead the way.  The saltiness returned ever so slightly and joined up with that cured meat profile to become a full-on beef jerky sensation.  Coffee and cocoa were very light in the mix but detectable in the finish.

Jacoub's Tobacco Gold Edition Review Second Third

Lets talk about smoke.  The Gold Edition really stepped up its game in the smoke production department.  It also took on a campfire essence making me wonder if that wasn’t where the beef jerky influence was coming from. It was a really nice nuance to the smoke. The retrohale experience was all cedar and earth notes with some red pepper flake heat in the sinus.

The burn remained wavy through the middle third, requiring application of a couple touchups to keep things in order as I moved through the section.

Jacoub’s Tobacco Gold Edition – Final Third

Leather, Cedar, Cocoa, Mild Tobacco, Black Pepper

Over an hour had passed since I lit the Jacoub’s Gold Edition and I was just entering the final stages of the cigar.  Leather again led the way but cedar moved into the mix, pushing the earth notes completely out of the profile.  Cocoa notes were more evident in the final third as was an increase in nicotine.  Mild tobacco flavors finished off the profile nicely without becoming bitter or overpowering.

Jacoub's Tobacco Gold Edition

The retrohale consisted mainly of cedar and black pepper.

The final third found me touching up the burn line twice as it began to get wavy and run away from me.  I always dislike putting flame to a cigar in the final third because I feel the extra heat always increases the danger of flavors becoming bitter and “blown out”.  That didn’t seem to happen with the Gold Edition but any time I break out the torch in the final portion of a cigar, I’m relatively careful with how long I keep the flame there and how much air I pull through the cigar with the flame at the foot.

Jacoub's Tobacco Gold Edition

Jacoub’s Tobacco Gold Edition Review
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Enjoyable flavor profile

Unique moments


Burn corrections

First third issues

The Gold Edition from Jacoub's Tobacco was an enjoyable cigar after the first third. The flavors in the first third were good but the tight draw, light smoke production and burn corrections made the entire first third feel almost like work...the exact opposite thing a cigar is supposed to do. THat being said, the last two thirds of the cigar were quite enjoyable even though there were still burn issues. The flavors weren't overly complex, but they were good. There were no big transitions in flavor, but it strayed just far enough to avoid being linear. I'd really like to revisit this cigar again. I feel like a different experience in the first third would really shift my thoughts on this cigar.
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