Last weekend I saw a photo of the new Butter by Lost and Found posted by Small Batch Cigar on Instagram.  Everything about it looked interesting, so I placed an order that evening on the launch and received it yesterday.  Yeah, placed an order on the weekend and received it on Monday.  Insane.

Lost and Found Butter 10

In case you’re not entirely sure what Lost and Found is, you can read more below.

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Lost and Found is comprised of three gentlemen:  Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigars, Tony Bellato, and Jaclyn Sears.

Here’s the word straight from the source:

“The point of the project is simply complicated. It is basically to rummage around the aging rooms of legendary manufacturers and find those amazing blends that have been hibernating for just too long and to then re-release them to the market. The trio never releases the pre-reincarnated names, but rather hints such as tasting notes, blends and countries of origin. The idea was born out of Caldwell’s travelling and intrusive desire to get deep into others’ aging rooms. Caldwell has always loved tracking down others’ legendary cigars and seeing how they have matured.”

Want to read more?  Visit their website here.

This particular vitola, called Butter, is apparently another rendition of their Pepper Cream Soda release.  I’m only aware of one size option according to @caldwell4prez on Instagram – the Corona Gorda.  Each other size has a different name.

First impressions?  Opening the package of butter is way more fun that it looks.  And it looks about as fun as finding a $100 bill you forgot you left in your pocket.  The aroma is fairly interesting coming from the packaging as well as the wrapper and foot of the cigar itself.  Up front, it’s very sweet.  Smell it a couple more times and it reminds me of a puppy.  Good stuff!

Pre-light:  Just a little more sweetness with a dry, tickle the back of your throat finish.  Went with the traditional snip of the cap this time around.

Lost and Found Butter 6

Right off the bat the draw is a little tighter than I would prefer, but it’s smoking good and the there’s plenty of flavor to enjoy.  Lots of black pepper on the finish, woodsy notes in the foreground, and possibly a little earth.  There’s even some red pepper on the tongue as well.

The pepper lingers, even after taking the first sips of coffee.  Definitely different than your traditional black pepper.  And it’s easily identifiable without blowing it through the nose.

At just under an inch in, a razor sharp burn line appears.  Really quite beautiful.

Lost and Found Butter 5

The retrohale is kind of harsh, but fairly unnecessary.  Most of the woodsy, earthy, and pepper notes are readily apparent with just a regular draw.

At the official inch mark, cedar comes to the front of the unidentifiable woodsy flavors.  Very satisfying.  The pepper is still there, and every now and then I get a hint of a sharp, sweet note that I can’t quite make out yet. A little creaminess comes through at times, balancing the whole experience out.

Lost and Found Butter 4

Right about here there’s a definite co-mingling of Earth and Coffee.  The pepper is still very prominent, but it’s changed significantly – more of a white pepper than what I was getting earlier.  I can only make this distinction, though, because I’ve set out a tray of peppers to taste and help me figure it out.  Pepper flavors will probably haunt me forever.

Lost and Found Butter ash


Entering the second third I decided to drop the ash and see what else is hiding under the hood.  Instant gratification.  After letting it rest for a couple minutes while helping the Domestic Engineer bring the groceries in, I return to a very pleasant earthy and cedary draw with a little cocoa in the background.  The draw has opened up to be exactly what I enjoy in the second third, as expected with the removing the ash.  Still plenty of pepper, but it’s less in your face now and takes a back seat.

Lost and Found Butter ash 2

Ahhhh… the retrohale has mellowed out nicely in the second third of the Lost and Found Butter.  Very creamy now with a little salt and pepper.  Espresso gives it more of a cedary profile while the latte gives off more of an earthy experience.

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And yet… with a fresh palette I’m pulling something very much like a sugar cookie out of the Lost and Found Butter.  Hell yeah!

I thoroughly enjoyed the spicy first third, but the second third?  Almost entirely different – a smooth and creamy retreat from the pepper blast.  A welcomed trip to the bakery – imagine the balance of a fresh bread aroma and that of a sugar cookie.  Just plain good.

Lost and Found Butter ash 4

At almost the exact halfway point, the Lost and Found Butter is returning to it’s earthy roots.  More espresso than coffee as it continues to burn.

Lost and Found Butter ash 5

There’s a bitterness entering the last third, but it’s almost masked by an unmistakable toast flavor.  If you follow my reviews, you’ll know that this is the first time I’ve ever experienced what I would classify as bread or toast.  It’s very recognizable in this cigar.

Overall I’d have to give this cigar more of a medium body throughout, with a full strength rating.  I can feel the effects of the nicotine from the last third of this cigar much more than other sticks I’ve burned recently.

Can’t wait to revisit the Lost and Found Butter next year and see how time affects the experience.

Lost and Found Butter Review
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8.7 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Pepper Smorgasbord

Excellent Second Third

Razor sharp burn lines

Great price point for a limited run


Limited Production

Last third wasn't as enjoyable

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience with the Lost and Found Butter. I found that pepper dominates the first third with earth and coffee playing dueling roles. The second third was my absolute favorite - Sugar cookies!? Yes please.
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Very enjoyable cigar
Starting off the draw was very tight, I had to roll it between my fingers in several spots to try to get it to open up more.

I had a straight burn line, but I did have it go out on me a couple times in the final 3rd. That going out hurt the flavor towards the end for me.

Getting past that, everything else about this stick was great.

I agree with Dave's assessment of the taste, where he says the pepper taste changed significantly is about where I was picking up the taste of biting into a raw green or red pepper. To me, it tasted exactly like the burst of flavor you get after crunching down one a sliced pepper. This stuck out so significantly to me because as a fairly new cigar aficionado it was my first time identifying a flavor without the assistance of another reviewer.
January 23, 2016, 12:56 am
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