For a while now I’ve taken a look at the Montecristo Espada and, after a long glance, moved on.  The excess of wrappers make it both beautiful and intimidating, simultaneously daring and standoffish.  Or maybe I’m a pussy.  Your call.

Montecristo Espada 1

Here’s how I got saddled with this one:  I walked into the humidor at my favorite Cigar lounge, and asked my favorite Bearded Ninja for something medium, complex, woodsy, and overall a badass follow-up.  Said Bearded Ninja pointed directly to the Montecristo Espada, and it was game on.

Unwrapping this thing was a chore, but smelling the unlit cigar (virgin tobacco?  no…maybe?) gave me exactly what I was looking for.  Strong cedar, great draw, something odd on the tongue.

Throughout the first inch or so I was still getting that odd, pungent, taste right on the tongue.  Something about the wrapper.  Lots of cedar, some nuttiness, and whatever the hell that odd ball is in the Jalapan wrapper.

Montecristo Espada Ash

Getting something new on the second third of this stogie.  The cedar was gone almost immediately, replaced with something nutty.  Clinton calls it an almondy impression.  Overall it continues to be a  smooth, medium bodied experience. Decent smoke, great draw.  I did leave it for a second and have to relight once.  Please don’t call the SPD (Stogie Police Dept) on me.

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In all honesty, probably the most enjoyable part of this cigar is the pre-light and the last 1/3.  That odd taste finally left on the last third and relented to something resembling an earthy sensation.

Would I buy it again?  Maybe, just to see if I still agree with this review.  Would I buy a box?  Probably not.  I’d enjoy it in a Sampler though.


What did you think about the Montecristo Espada?

Montecristo Espada
8.1 Reviewer
7 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Beautiful packaging

Smooth draw

Persistent bitterness
As enjoyable as this smoke is, I don't find the Montecristo Espada as being memorable. Smooth, medium, consistent. Not intriguing, engaging, or commanding.
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It was meh
I would not buy this twice....thats for sure
September 20, 2015, 1:59 pm
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