Wrapper: Dominican Negrito
Binder: Dominican Corojo HVA
Filler:  Dominican Criollo 98 and Habano 2020
Vitola: 7×47
Brand: Musa Cigars
Factory: Top Secret Nest
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8 – $10
Availability: Regular Production
Source: Review Sample

Musa Cigars Untold Stories – Pre-light Observations

August of 2016 seems like nearly a lifetime ago.  That was the month I did my first review of a Musa Cigars offering.  Check out that review here for the very interesting history of this fine brand.  SInce then, Musa Cigars and owner Jose Musa have seen changes occur, advancing the brand into the Top Secret Nest in the Dominican Republic.  Musa has three new releases including the Musa Robusto Limitada, the Curious and the subject of this review, Untold Stories.  According to Jose, the new Musa releases are now stronger and more flavorful.  To that accord, the Untold Stories is a Dominican puro.

The Negrito wrapper on this cigar is medium brown with some reddish undertones.  There is visible medium tooth to the leaf and it appears slightly oily.  The leaf contains small veins and the seams, while visible, are sharp and speak volumes to the quality construction of this stick.

Scents of hay and light cocoa waft from the wrapper with faint sweetness. The foot of Untold Stories contains cocoa and mild tobacco.  Removing just a bit of the cap with a straigh cut, the cold draw opens up with a perfect amount of resistance.  Pie cherry, cocoa, dry hay and a faint spiciness create an early eagerness to get this stick lit up.

Musa Cigars Untold Stories – First Third

Mild Tobacco, Dry Cedar, Cocoa, Pie Cherry, Leather, Almond, Chili Spice, Barbecue

Flame to foot and I’m off to the races with this beauty.  Mild tobacco and dry cedar notes lead the way with cocoa and leather drifting into the back end.  The heavy aromatic smoke finishes with a surprising tingle of chili spice.  I’m wondering if the faint spice from the cold draw was foreshadowing the chili spice I’m finding here.

Well into the first third and those initial hints of pie cherry are finally revealing in the flavors.  Lounging around the edges of the flavors, almond and mild barbecue notes are also evident.  Retrohaling the smoke, dry cedar and leather dominate and the chili spice provides just a touch of heat in the sinuses.Musa Untold Stories

Nothing can damper a smoking experience like construction woes.  That being said, this stick isn’t showing any signs of concern in that realm.  The burn is slightly wavy, but the char line is hanging in that medium sharp neighborhood.  Smoke production is finding residence in the upper end of the charts and is simply luxurious.

Musa Cigars Untold Stories – Middle Third

Cedar, Coffee, Cherry, Leather, Cocoa, Chili Spice, Black Pepper

With the first third of Untold Stories fresh in my memory, the second third picks up right where we left off.  Coffee and cocoa move to the front of the mix with coffee notes evolving nicely.  I am noticing the profile transitioning with creamy overtones, creating an overall influence to the entire blend of flavors.

Musa Untold Stories

Partially into the middle third I find myself needing to apply a minor burn correction.  It’s relatively inconsequential but bears mentioning.  The ash seems to be a bit more flaky in the middle third as well but the burn remains sharp.  Smoke production is fantastic; even in the rest, Untold Stories continuously emits heavy smoke from the foot of the cigar.

While more muted than in the first third, the chili spice is still present and I’m thankful.  It helps maintain a truly unique twist to the melody of flavors.  Retrohaled smoke contains soft leather notes, mild tobacco and cocoa with mild black pepper to keep things warmed up.

Musa Cigars Untold Stories – Final Third

Cocoa, Cedar, Walnut, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Barbecue, Coffee, Leather, Dark Cherry, Red Pepper Flake

Moderate transitions have been the name of the game thus far with this cigar.  The beauty found in this fact is that the profile is so smooth and enjoyable, I find myself wondering if I really want any transition at all.

Cocoa remains at the front, swapping cedar for the coffee notes found in the middle third.  There are also hints at walnut in the mix as it finishes with a warm combination of black pepper and cinnamon.  The creamy essence remains, leaving an enjoyable coating on the roof of my mouth.  Nearing the end of the Untold Stories, a faint sweetness appears and joins forces with barbecue flavors.

Musa Untold Stories

The retrohale in the final third is super smooth and offers some of the most complexity in flavors I have experienced yet in this cigar.  Coffee and cinnamon boast dominance with leather, dark cherry supporting the mix.  A mild red pepper flake heat rounds things out nicely.

My final thoughts on the final third of this cigar mimick my previous comments regarding the construction.  The burn is wavy, but sharp and the cigar remained firm right to the end of the experience.

Musa Untold Stories

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Pricepoint vs Experience

Near Perfect Draw

Near Perfect Construction


One Burn Correction

As with my first Musa cigar, this was a great experience. I smoked three of these for this review and all three samples performed consistantly. I want to stress the value you’re getting in this stick. At $8-$10, depending on where you purchase it and in what quantity, this cigar provided me with 90 minutes of smoking enjoyment. The transitions I experienced were sometimes moderate and sometimes a little more flashy, but no matter what, consistent, satisfying flavors emerged around every corner of the profile. This is a cigar I can easily recommend to every smoker. It’s complexity will intrigue a seasoned cigar aficionado and the strength won’t scare off a newer cigar smoker. Cheers and happy smoking!
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