Wrapper:  Undisclosed
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Brand:  My Father
Factory:  My Father Cigars S.A.
Price Range:  $8-$10
Availability:  Store Exclusive (CDMCigars.com)
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I’ve been wanting to review another cigar lately, but the temperature and my timeline hasn’t worked out.  Now that it’s close to 60 degrees outside and I have a few minutes, I’m reaching for a recent favorite:  My Father Oro de Nicaragua.  We can only get Oro de Nicaragua from Casa de Montecristo, and Halfwheel reports that it’s a one time release.  Insert sad face.

This cigar has me thinking about it in my dreams, and the perfecto size is the only vitola that I’ve smoked.  I’m sure this would be fantastic in a robusto, though, yet I’m perfectly happy with the 4 or so that I’ve burned prior to this review.  CDMCigars.com is running a special of a box purchase + 3 singles, and it’s about time to grab another.

We’ll be pairing this with a Sweetwater Hash Brown.  Let’s get rollin!

My Father Oro de Nicaragua – First Half

Graham Cracker, Leather, Rose Pedals, Caramel, Cocoa, Honey Grahams

Initial puffs are absolutely fantastic!  Dusty graham cracker, leather, and a hint of floral notes coat the palette (misspelling intentional).  I opt for more flavorful cigars that don’t make you pay the price of entry with a harsh bite, and this cigar is right up my alley.

How’s it pair with this brew?  Excellent!  A soft cedar is added to the mix at the expense of floral notes with this India Style Brown Ale.

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I really can’t get enough of this cigar.  A sweet caramel note begins working it’s way in, and I feel like I’m at Cold Stone Creamery watching them fold different flavors into an ice cream.

At around the 1/2 inch mark, cocoa also joins the party.  And now… here it is.  Rose pedals with a honey suckle sweetness.  Beautiful.

I wish I could describe the way the texture is on this smoke.  ‘Dusty’ graham cracker (Honey grahams now!) is about as close as I can get to the texture/taste concept, but ‘gritty’ might be another way to put it.

My Father Oro de Nicaragua Review

Soon after removing the first band, a previously unidentified flavor stomps in:  almonds.  Raw, fresh almonds.


My Father Oro de Nicaragua – Second Half

Pistachio, Tobacco, Leather, Caramel, Wood, Sugar Brittle, Toast, Tobacco, Stale Coffee, Honey Grahams, Toffee

As we begin to transition into the second half, I’m picking up pistachio more on the finish than almonds.  At first I thought it was becoming bitter on me, but the more I contemplate the experience I’m fairly certain it’s pistachio.  There’s an increasing generic tobacco flavor building as well.

Leather, caramel, and pistachio, and now woodsy notes round out the first several minutes of the second half.  This isn’t necessarily a bad transition, but for me I could smoke the first half of these any given day and never complain.  It’s that good.  For the price (roughly $8 a piece with a buy 10 get 3 free special), might have to stock up and do just that.

Now that the second band is removed, I’m getting an odd flavor like that time in junior high and we tried making sugar brittle.  Not my favorite by a long shot.  Going to give it a little rest and pick back up in a few minutes.

Well, the weird cooked sugar flavor has left us and I’m picking up toast, tobacco, and bitter notes akin to stale coffee.  It’s interesting how I never picked up on the bitterness of the last third-ish on this Oro de Nicaragua before – and I don’t think I would again if I wasn’t putting it under a microscope.  This brew knocks it out of the park, though, and pairs beautifully with both halves of this stick.  Washes away any hints of bitterness.

Knocking the ash away with about 1 1/2 inches left was probably the best decision I’ve made today!  Instantly a warm caramel, oak, and leather refreshes this cigar and puts a smile on my face.

Oro de Nicaragua handles the heat pretty damn well too.  Fingers and lips are still intact with about an inch left, and man oh man am I loving the last few minutes.

Forget bitter craziness, this cigar is finishing in style.  Honey Grahams make their return appearance, a rich caramel (think caramel sauce from Starbucks) with a toffee finish.  Hot damn I love this cigar – even if there was an 8-10 minute period I wasn’t a happy camper.

My Father Oro de Nicaragua Review

NOTE:  All my other tasting notes for this cigar had prevalent fruit notes combining with the floral sensations.  Wasn’t present in this review, but noteworthy since I’ve written it down at least three times.

My Father Oro de Nicaragua Review
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9.4 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)


Very pleasant cigar

Flavor bomb


Good draw requires a good chop

Couple Touch-ups

So we're clear, this is my Zombie Apocalypse cigar! While this vitola always leaves me wanting more, I can't get enough of the flavors that are expertly woven together in this blend. And, if I were on the run from zombies, this would fit perfectly both the size I'd want to carry and the time I'd have to smoke while looking over my shoulder.
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Incredible Cigar
I really enjoyed this cigar a lot. I got a lot of good flavors from this smooth stogie. I mainly experienced brown sugar, nutmeg, baking spices, pepper, and a hint of cocoa powder. Did not want to put this one down!
March 31, 2016, 4:00 am
Quickie 👍
All right, I think you just pushed me off the fence, gonna have to get a box ordered. Sometimes I love a good quick smoke. Not sure about the pistachios, or your junior high home ec project. But, I think I was pulling out some similar flavors, as far as the rest go. As for the zombies, I think you're better off to just sit back and smoke their asses! Great review Brochacho
February 29, 2016, 5:16 pm
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