Wrapper:  Ecuadorian
Binder:  Ecuadorian
Filler:  Dominican Republic, Peruvian
Brand:  OM MANI
Factory:  Undisclosed
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
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OM MANI Connecticut Gold Torpedo – First Thoughts

Visual Observations: After seeing many posts from the purveyor of this cigar, the time had arrived to write a review of one of the cigars from this line.  I opted to order the torpedo, a 6 x 52 stick.  I purchased a 6-pack of cigars and the price came out to $7.23/stick.  A 3-pack yields an MSRP of slightly over $8.

The OM MANI Connecticut is offered as a medium strength cigar and the website claims the taste is “Sweet and nutty, {with} hints of cedar”.    The wrapper on this two-banded cigar sports a mottled, light-brown color and there were some obvious deformities under the hood.  I believe the cigar is double capped but it was difficult to tell for sure. The wrapper seams are clearly visible but there were no large veins at all.

Om Mani Connecticut Review

Feel: OM MANI Connecticut Gold is firm with the exception of the last inch near the foot of the cigar.  This area feels spongy and a bit underfilled.

Om Mani Connecticut Review

Om Mani Connecticut Review

Smell: The wrapper gave off a very sweet scent with mild barnyard in the background.  The sweetness was so strong that I wondered if it was infused.  I tasted the cap of the cigar and knew immediately it couldn’t be as the taste was dry and offered none of the traditional infused flavors.  The smell from the foot of the cigar leaned much further towards the barnyard scent and the sweetness was nonexistent.  I applied a straight cut to the tapered cap.  The cold draw was loose but not too airy.  The flavor on the cold draw was of dry hay and barnyard; almost in off-putting strength.

OM MANI Connecticut Torpedo Review – First Third

Om Mani Connecticut Review

The first few draws on this cigar tasted of mild cedar.  Unfortunately, this mild cedar was overpowered by a bitter finish that I can’t quite put a name to.  The bitterness covered the roof of my mouth and my tongue.  Just past the first inch, this cigar rewarded me with caramel note.  It was a mild note and left rapidly, giving way to the same bitterness I tasted after the initial torching.

The burn line was slightly wavy but not so poor as to require a touch-up.  The ash was white and fell for the first time just past the one inch mark.  After the ash fell, I gave the cigar a light puff followed by retro haling the healthy dose of smoke it produced.  This retrohale yielded mild heat but, by the end of the first third, the sinus heat was gone and the smoke was quite mild.

Even though the smoke production was great, the flavor was heavy with straight tobacco and left the mild cedar notes far in the distance.  The mouth feel of the smoke was also very dry and made me thankful for my choice to pair this cigar only with water.  I removed the lower band at the end of the first third and the cigar dropped the ash for the second time.

Om Mani Connecticut Review

OM MANI Connecticut Gold Torpedo – Second Third

By the time I began the second third,  the burn line had evened out without any coaxing from me.  This segment  greeted me with hints of cream, cedar, graham cracker and a nice sweetness.  Additionally, the smoke production remains quite good as well.  In quick fashion, however, these enjoyable flavors disappear behind the all-too-familiar bitter finish I’ve hoped to avoid as the cigar heated up.

Sinus heat is picking up in the retrohale and the bitterness is evident here as well.  As I struggle through the prevalent bitter note, the cigar finally starts to give up some flavors that I can enjoy.  Mild white pepper and caramel make a brief appearance before seeking refuge behind a bitter, dry tobacco flavor.  I took a sip of water hoping to quench the lingering dryness in my mouth.  Suddenly, a few more puffs surprised me with caramel, cream, mild coffee flavors, nuts; then it’s gone.  The bitterness returns yet again, like that neighbor who keeps asking to borrow your tools and never returns them.  Predictable and unpleasant.

Om Mani Connecticut Review

OM MANI Connecticut Gold Torpedo – Final Third

The last third of this cigar didn’t change at all from the previous third.  There were very brief moments with hints of good flavor but they always gave way to the powerful bitterness of this cigar.  The smoke production remained strong to the finish.  Heat became a bit more noticeable in the final third but was never too hot.

Om Mani Connecticut Review

The cigar band printed with the logo of the company has printing on the inside of the band as well.  The printing on the band from the cigar I smoked is pictured below.

Om Mani Connecticut Review

OM MANI Connecticut Gold Torpedo Review
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Good Smoke Production

Heavy bitter note throughout
The heavy bitterness I experienced really ruined the enjoyment of this cigar for me. I can look past burn issues and even construction issues if the price point is correct and the flavors are up my alley. That wasn't the case here. The mechanics were actually quite good but the flavor profile really lacked any high points.
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