During yet another adventure at Governor’s Cigar & Pipe in northern Louisiana, I asked my two favorite tobacconists what to pair with the following:  An anonymous IPA and an incredible espresso latte from Union Mill Coffee.

Clinton bailed instantly.  You can write him about his failings with that link lol.  Friday, however, stared at me until it was becoming slightly awkward and pronounced (like an edict) that the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series was the clear choice.  Swift decisive action, gotta love Marines!

I tried the Padron 50th a few days before to celebrate the launch of our Cigar Noise app, and it was just ‘aight’.  Lots of pepper, but other than that kind of one dimensional.  Ambiguous even.  Good, just not $30 good.

Padron 1964

The Padron 1964, however, has lots of pepper AND an undertone of woodiness and maybe something earthy depending on the pairing.  Love a sun-grown wrapper any day.

Today I’m pairing it with a Pale Ale, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, and Blantons.  Really wish I could’ve found a wheat beer (per suggestion from Instagram last Friday) but unfortunately I live in a county that doesn’t sell  beer on Sundays.

Last week, I had an issue with the punch screwing up the cap.  Punched it as gently as I could manage this morning, same result.  Dammit.

Padron 1964 Cut

Somewhere the Padron Family is hiring people to hurt me for man-handling their cigar, but really… I punch a lot of stogies and don’t seem to have this problem very often.  I think there’s room to share the blame haha.

Pre-light:  Pepper!  That’s it.  Couldn’t tell you what color or if it was cracked or whole pepper or none of that jazz, just tons of it.

Initial thoughts:  This definitely pairs better with an IPA or Pale Ale than with the Laphroaig.  I thought the buttery, smokey flavors would be interesting but it’s not.  The Blantons works pretty well, but if I could pour all over again I might choose something sharper and less smooth like the Buffalo Trace Single Barrell, or maybe the Bulleit Rye.

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This Padron 1964 has a few things going for it, namely draw and smoke.  Normally I would think Padron is synonymous with perfect construction, but you can see the wrapper deficiencies.  Lots of smoke and an  incredibly easy draw are a plus though.

Padron 1964 Ash 2

Just let the first ash depart like a shuttle from NASA, and I’m pulling what I would classify as a nutty flavor.  Nuttier with the Pale Ale, earthier with the Blantons.  This Padron 1964 doesn’t hit you with anything up front though, you have to search for it.  However, the consistent mechanics of a great draw, lots of smoke, and smooth/mild flavor are rather enjoyable.  Full strength, maybe, but definitely a mild-med bodied experience.

Padron 1964 Ash 4

You know when I would smoke this cigar?  At the park watching the kiddos, or in a social setting just hanging out with the Joes (or Janes).  It shines more in a crowd than when given undivided attention.  Aside from the cap issue noted earlier, this Padron 1964 has all the consistent things I look for in a good experience:  great draw, great smoke, and doesn’t turn bitter early like an angry ex-wife.  The subtle flavors might be a plus for some, but for my tastes it’s a little underwhelming.

Padron 1964 Ash 5

What are your thoughts on the Padron 1964?

Padron 1964 Review
8.4 Reviewer
7.7 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Near perfect burn

Incredible draw

Lots of smoke


Dainty cap

Subdued flavors

This cigar has all the ability to be great, but falls just shy. Perfect in a group where you're otherwise distracted, but doesn't hold up when put under the microscope.
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drinking stick
I like the 1964 with crown royal. Good contrast to clean the pallet. Good after work low cost anywhere smoke. Overpriced yes, but enjoyable.
August 7, 2017, 8:13 pm
Who never tried this?
I feel that any cigar smoker should try a Padron 1964, at least once.... Way overrated on most cigar sites. I didn't like this smoke at all. Took too long, was too strong... It didn't make me feel special to be smoking a Padron. Heck, I have some in my humidor, to share with a friend on a special occasion (mostly because of the high price!)
January 22, 2016, 1:08 pm
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