Patina Habano and Dark and Stormy Pairing

Is this your homework, Larry?

Finally! Finally it stopped snowing. It’s been 5 days since I’ve been able to have a cigar because in the Canada we are in 3rd winter. It’s part of our 11 seasons, which includes 3 winters. In celebration of having a day free of crazy wind, snow, or rain I starting thinking about what I was going to smoke when I got off work today. Every now and then throughout the day I would land on something, and then change my mind.

You cant be worried about that shit man. Life goes on, man.

So instead of trying to pick the cigar first, I started thinking about the beverage. I’m not usually a cocktail guy. I don’t like things that cover up the taste of liquor, but as you can probably tell I watched The Big Lebowski the other day and I couldn’t get those White Russians out my head. The Dude’s dedication to that beverage, and his rug of course, kept ringing around my brain. Now I’m not sure what a White Russian would be like as a dance partner for a cigar, so I started to bop around on the intraweb to find a cocktail that may pair a bit better. I was also looking for something that I have not tried before. I landed on the Dark and Stormy for the cocktail.

Dude, you are being very UnDude.

On a quick look through the Rum section of the liquor cabinet I selected Angostura 7yr old. For those that may not have had this rum before, it has the sweet molasses / toffee smell on the nose that is the signature of a good dark rum. I have not paired much with rum, and every time I do I’m always surprised at how good it is. I picked up a spicy ginger beer, some fresh lime and some mint leaves. Mint is not a traditional ingredient, but I love a little fresh mint in a cocktail. It adds a hint of freshness in what I think will be a combination of sweet and some heat from the ginger beer.

Angostura Run

That rug really tied the room together.

I free up my death star ice ball from the mold, throw in a couple of mint leaves, a good squeeze of lime, about 2 oz. of the Angostura and top it up with the ginger beer. A little stir and Dude’s your uncle. I try a couple sips. I am really surprised at how great this cocktail is. There is an initial ginger hit, mixed with the sweet toffee/caramel flavour from the rum, but then this great spice hit at the back of the throat from the ginger beer. Now the dance partner. All the indecision from earlier today is gone. I know just the cigar that would make this a great pairing. The Patina Habano Robusto. It’s 3rd winter, so I am usually not smoking anything but Robusto. This cigar was my pick because it is the Dude. And the Dude Abides. Out to the cigar nook!

Cigar: Patina Habano

Brand: Patina Cigars

Pairing Category: Dark Rum

Pairing: Dark and Stormy Cocktail

In the parlance of our times.

Out in the nook: a quick cut, I roll the Patina through my fingers and there is a great bounce back. This cigar has such a great first impression. Smells of spice, fruit, and nuts. Time to get smokey. The cigar lights like a champ, no issues at all. Burn line is nice and even, draw is like hitting the seven-ten split. I take a couple sips off of the Dark and Stormy and as the sweet rum and spice from the ginger linger I take a pull or two from the Patina. Damn. This is good. There is something about the way the pepper and cedar notes from the smoke just build onto the flavours of the beverage.

Has the Whole World Gone Crazy? Am I the only one that gives a shit about the rules?

As I make my way into the second third of the cigar and I am moving my way down to the halfway point in the beverage, the lime and mint in the beverage add a really great flavour change to the combo. The cigar profile is changing slightly, giving notes of cinnamon/nutmeg with a kick of pepper. This is playing really well with the softer ginger flavour mixed with the contrast of the sweet rum and lime. Next time I would rip the mint a little before making the cocktail so it releases a bit more flavour. To be honest I am pretty surprised at how much I am enjoying this. I am always wary about pairing something too sweet with cigars. I have not enjoyed other cocktails with cigars before, especially if they are sweet. I find the sweet just takes over everything and even a bold cigar can go sour.

Shut up Donnie, you are out of your element.

Patina and Dark and Stormy

I finish up the last drops of the dark and stormy, and get the Patina down to about an inch and half left. A couple of small cracks in the wrapper form around the edge, but to be fair it’s fairly cold out now. I cant feel my hands, so I may have held onto the last bit of the cigar too tightly. The last elements of smoke and sweet ginger still linger, not wanting to let go. It reminds me that winter is doing the same thing at the moment. But soon, very soon, spring will arrive, then summer. This will definitely be something I will revisit in the summer months. Let me know what you think about this pairing in the comments below. For me these blogs are summed up best by the Dude: Yeah, well, that’s just like, my opinion, man.


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