Wrapper:  Dominican Republic
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic
Vitola:  4 x 50 (Nub)
Brand:  Patoro
Factory:  Unknown
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Availability:  Regular Production
Source:  IPCPR 2016
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Patoro Platino – Prelight

In preparation for this review, I visited Patoro.com and was able to find the cigar if not the vitola.  They list a robusto, perfecto, and toro available but this one is most definitely of the nub variety, coming in at 4 x 50 with my measurements.  I was also unable to identify the factory, but was able to note that Patoro is a Swiss company that’s partnered with CLE for U.S. distribution.  Source is [Halfwheel](http://halfwheel.com/patoro-cle-cigar-company-announce-u-s-distribution-deal).

This Dominican puro has a couple protruding veins, slightly visible seams, and a soft spot right below the band.  The wrapper smells of cedar with a metallic zing, while the foot is very earthy with layered notes of cocoa powder and hay.  A cold draw has the perfect amount of resistance, showcasing overwhelmingly earthy tones.

Patoro Platino – Flavors

Leather, Earth, Hay, Cedar, Pepper, Mineral, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Lemon, Char, Mint, Walnut, Baker’s Cocoa

Our first few puffs are of leather, earth, hay, and cedar followed by lingering pepper and a hint of the metallic/mineral tastes from the pre-light inspection. Subsequent puffs observe an increase in spice that’s attenuated slightly by a sweeter cedar than previously noted.

Around the one inch mark, intermittent moments of glory begin to tease me.  Creamy textures combine with dark chocolate, cedar, and the occasional burst of lemon.  Yet as I write these words, this cigar experiences personality disorder and transitions back to rough leather, hay, and earthy tones for long moments at a time.

Dropping the ash at the midway point, charred flavors mire what is otherwise a creamy, dark chocolate profile with the occasional minty sensation.  Oils coat the roof of my mouth as I perform my first touch-ups.

With about an inch and a half to go, Patoro Platino experiences much more bitterness than before, biting the tip of the tongue.  Walnut emerges as our previously noted dark chocolate takes on the form of bitter, bakers cocoa and run amuck on my palate.  These two flavors collude together like school yard bullies until the end with frequent assistance from untoward mineral notes.

Patoro Platino – Construction

The burn line required zero maintenance until the first ash dropped and the char line was generally very crisp.  Our draw was equally pleasing with enough resistance for copious amounts of smoke.  Til the very end, Patoro Platino was firm with a little give and never became squishy.

The soft spot that worried me during the pre-light inspection never caused me any issues and, now that I think about it, today might just be the first time that I’ve ever remarked upon a such a thing.  Overall, I think the mechanics of this cigar was near impeccable.

Patoro Platino Review
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Excellent Construction


Forgettable Flavors

Bitter 2/2

Over the course of the last hour, Patoro Platino had several moments in which I thought it would flip the script and become something more memorable. Unfortunately, it settled for mediocre in the long run, relying upon excellent construction to counter-balance underperforming flavors.
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