First thoughts:  this is a damn good smoke!  I mean, why haven’t I been smoking these sooner instead of the higher priced Perdomos?

Here’s the deal, I just created this website on a whim.  Because I thoroughly enjoy cigars, and I really want to write about my experiences.  Mostly because when I read other folks’ thoughts and reviews I just don’t get it.

Seriously.  Cedar, spice, cocoa, vanilla, cherries, cream, pepper, leather…. huh?  Some of those I understand as concepts, the others just blow my mind unless I’m inhaling something from a gas station.

So I’m going go to review stogies and add my own layman’s approach to stogies. Here goes!

This Perdomo Lot 23 had a sweet taste pre-light, and had a generally awesome and mature taste when blown through the noise.  The ash held pretty well, the burn was nice and even, and the point where I wanted to put it away was about 70% through the stick.

Want more of a review?  Go read a magazine!

I may or may not get more sophisticated in my reviews as time goes on.  Don’t bet on it, but don’t count me out either.     😉

Do smoke a Perdomo Lot 23 though, they’re easy on the wallet and great company!

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What did you think about the Perdomo Lot 23?

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