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This is going to be more of a lifestyle blog today. I am sure anyone that smokes cigars on the regular runs into friends or family that challenge the healthiness of making that choice. Most of the people in my life have given up that argument with me, but occasionally someone offers a point of view that challenges my thinking. Or the argument gets renewed if my children see me go for a round two. My rebuttal to the disapproving glare is ‘go glare at your mother, she is on her 4th cigarette today’ as their attention turns, I run out the door laughing my ass off. #winning

I have what doctors call, a little bit of a weight problem

I have always had challenges with weight and or the delicious awesomeness that is the food that lends itself to weight gain and retention. In my early 30’s during a pre-op for a hernia, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my life changed quite a lot.

Long story short I try to live a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise. I am not going to say that I am a diabetes angel. Right now, I am facing down another hernia operation and need to take on a diet and exercise plan so that I am healthy enough to be operated on. How fucked is that haha.

But, as I started exploring over the last few years, I have come to discover the joy of the post workout cigar. This has probably caused the most ire with people close to me. I routinely get ‘ How can you pay such close attention to your diet and exercise and then go and smoke a cigar?’ (this was when I was thinner then I am now, being a fat bastard again, people just shrug and move on haha).

‘Milk is for babies, when you grow up, you have to drink beer.’ – Arnold Schwarzenegger

To be honest, I don’t know that I had a reply other then Arnold Schwarzenegger or Michael Jordan. Now I am clearly not in shape like Arnie or Mike, but both were amazing athletes, both also engaged in cigars while in their prime athletic condition. Again, not comparing myself to them, but that you can have both cigars and an active lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be either or. Plus, it’s badass.

The one thing that I have not done yet, but maybe next summer, is finish a 5km or a 10km run and immediately light up a cigar. Nothing would make me laugh more then seeing the faces around me in that situation. If you have ever participated in a distance event for running, biking or swimming, a very specific type of folk are usually the majority, and in attendance, for these things. It’s Canada, so I would probably just get the frowning of a lifetime haha. #sorrynotsorry

So as it stands now, when I have the time and space to have a post run or workout cigar, I am usually landing in medium flavour range for these cigars. I am usually pairing these cigars with water, citrus flavoured soda water or coffee, so I not really looking for the same level of cohesion I am looking for when pairing cigars with beer, spirits or cocktails. I want the cigar notes to push forward a bit more.

Some the cigars that I have really enjoyed over the last number of months have been (in no particular order):

Umbagog by Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

El Retiro by Caminos Cigars

Heartbreaker by Chogui

Rustic by Patina Cigars

I know for some these might slide into mid medium, but these are all great, stand-alone cigars. My selection usually has more to do with burn time, then any particular flavour that I am looking for when I have a post work out cigar. So I always keep some smaller vitola’s on hand for these cigar breaks. If I have more time then the ring gauge and length increase.

For me, the post workout cigar is the mental cool down. Most of the time when I am in the gym or on the road jogging about/aboot (Canadian translation) town, my brain goes into overdrive. I am thinking about work or family. I am not one of those people that go run-blank.

For No Particular Reason, I Just Kept Going…..I Just Felt Like Run-ning

You have seen them I am sure. They are running with a blank dead stare on their faces, worse then a deer caught in headlights or the children from the ‘Children of the Damned.’ I don’t get the out of body experience, I get the very real, feel every ounce of joint pain, can I get over this hill, I hope that duck doesn’t chase me, experience.

So when it’s over, and the stretching is done, that is when I can start to slow down my brain, have some smoke therapy, and relax. I will say there is a great feeling when you have had a good workout and feel like the cigar is deserved.

Patina Connie

To those that cant quite understand this pairing of exercise and cigar enjoyment, that’s okay. Your concern is appreciated. I treat this argument the same way the medical community treats eggs. Every couple of year’s eggs are the best thing for you, then the next couple of years they are the devil. Cigar smoking may be linked to some adverse health issues; the positive mental health break received, for me, outweights that every time.


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