Another day, another dollar!  Or something like that.  Drilled with the Louisiana National Guard today, and allllllll I could think about is this Punch Signature cigar calling my name.

Went out and purchased some Abita Abbey Ale to go with it, and a couple other things just in case it’s a bad pairing.  News flash:  it’s a great pairing! 

Pre-light on this one gave me some sweetness (typical, right?) but also something else.  I’m gonna go with sultry because that’s what it reminded me of.  Might just be my mood to want to get it on with the Domestic Engineer, or it might be the cigar.  You decide. 

First puff reminded me of a love-child between a Don Pepin Garcia and a Punch Bareknuckle.  Loved the Bareknuckle when I first saw it come out, and also loved the My Father series immediately.  This Punch Signature seems to hit all the notes of the Bareknuckle with the added spice (dare I say, pepper) of a DPG.

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Only smoked about the first 1/2 in or so, but I’m really digging this cigar so far.  The draw isn’t as effortless as I’d prefer (who wouldn’t) but the flavor seems to be kind of nutty with a little sweetness and on the end.  Definitely what I’m in to.

Have you ever licked the wrapper of your cigar?  Well…. I just did!  😛  Keep getting something kind of bitter off this smoke, and it’s not unwelcome, but trying to figure out what it is.  Definitely something in the wrapper, but it doesn’t hurt anything.  Almost intensifies the nutty, almost but not quite earthiness of this stick.

Punch Signature Review

So far the Punch Signature is something that I would order again, especially if the next one is similar to this one.  It’s got the right amount of sophisitication for my young (re: amateur) palate, as well as the desired strength and construction.

I’m also buzzing pretty hard since I didn’t eat much of a lunch or dinner though, so take everything above with a grain of salt.  Unless it’s particularly life-changing, in which case you should name your children after me.


Punch Signature, what did you think?

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