Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder:  Dominican Criollo
Filler:  Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan
Brand:  Quesada
Factory:  Quesada Cigars
Price Range:  $5-$7
Availability:  Store Exclusive (SmallBatchCigar.com) 100 boxes of 50
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Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso – First Thoughts

When Andrew first mentioned the Small Batch exclusive size of the Quesada 40th Anniversary blend, I didn’t realize just how good this cigar would be.  I believe I said something along the lines of, “Haven’t had a bad Quesada, but haven’t been wowed by one yet either.”  No doubt he was smirking the whole time.


I fired up my first one earlier in the week and it’s been in my head ever since.  I remember a spice bomb that was just shy of being too much yet I kept wanting more.

Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso – First Half

Earth, Wood, Peppercorn, Nuts, Spice, Cocoa Powder, Leather, Baking Spices, Toasted Graham Cracker, Dark Chocolate

My first impressions are of earth, wood, peppercorn, and a nutty sweetness.  Spice begins to work it’s way into the party after just a few puffs.  It’s a lingering, strong-arming, ass kicking type of spice that keeps me coming back for more.  Traditionally, I’m not a big fan of spicy cigars, but there have been a few cigars in recent memory that pull it off extremely well.  This Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso being Chief among them.

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After a few moments, cocoa powder, cream, and a rich earthiness take the lead with a spicy finish that’s just sublime.  The earth is my favorite sort:  slightly sweet, fresh tilled, moist, dirt.  Not the dark, sultry, overbearing earth.  This is brighter, richer, and ultimately much more enjoyable to my tastes.

Leather develops around the half inch mark along with subtle hints of baking spices in the background.  The cocoa powder notes morphs into nuances of chocolate truffles that come and go from time to time.

Coffee and cream is an excellent pairing with this cigar, highlighting some of the sweeter notes without diminishing the spicier side of the wheelhouse.  Rye bourbon plays up the woodsy, leathery components and also pairs nicely.  My usual go-to, Rum, is the only thing I have on the porch that doesn’t play nice with the Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso.

Quesada 40th Anniversary Petite Belicoso Small Batch Exclusive Review

Just shy of the first band, wood, toasted graham cracker, and dark chocolate begin dominating the scene.  While the flavors aren’t overly complex or changing rapidly, I’m falling in love with this low-maintenance experience.  Haven’t had to use the torch since the initial lighting, the draw is just about perfect (and could adjust with the torpedo tip) and all that’s left is to enjoy it.

Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso – Second Half

Leather, Cream, Toasted Graham Cracker, Espresso, Barnyard, Almond Extract, Teddy Grahams, Dark Chocolate, Cashew

Dropping that magnificent ash, the second half wastes no time picking up where we left off.  The only noteworthy difference is a more prominent dark chocolate along with the addition of what I would consider espresso.  Down to the supporting espresso flavors such as caramel, very faint fruity notes, and a little bitterness.

Removing the last band, barnyard flavors emerge along with a presence that I can only describe as almond extract.  Spice from the first third is almost nonexistent now as we experience the first real flavor shift.

With about an inch and a half left, I’m getting notes of Teddy Grahams along with dark, bitter chocolate, and cashews. I’m not one to nub cigars that often, but I can tell that I’ll be finishing this one already.  There’s a little heat on the tongue from the small cut, but otherwise nothing unpleasant at this stage in the game.

Quesada 40th Anniversary Petite Belicoso Small Batch Exclusive Review

Leather surges again and bitterness exit’s stage left.  The last few moments of this cigar are the best in recent memory, and I’m only calling it quits here because it’s awkward to hold.

Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso (Pre-Release)
9.4 Reviewer
9.5 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Excellent Burn

Great Draw

Wonderful Spice Bomb


Flawless Construction


Somewhat linear flavors

I thoroughly enjoyed both samples of the Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso Small Batch exclusive. I've only smoked one of the Quesada 40th Corona Clasica's in the past, but don't remember much about it. This size is unforgettable and something that I'll be adding to the humidor as soon as they release. If you enjoyed the 40th anniversary series, I'd highly recommend this vitola. There's something here for everyone. In fact, it was so good that I forgot to take a lot of pictures.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 1 Make some Noise
Quesada 40th Petite Belicoso
The foot of this cigar gives off scents of sweet, dry hay, nutmeg and soap. I know the soap sounds a little strange but I actually went into the bathroom and smelled several different soaps my wife has in there and I most definitely think the floral scent I catch off the foot is soap.
The first few draws are spicy and full of toasted cashew, cedar and graham cracker. Very tasty! The retrohale is creamy smooth. Very nice indeed. No harshness at all. This cigar is very firm to the touch as well. Initially that concerned me thinking the draw may not be where it needs to be. That concern quickly vanished. The draw is effortless but not airy at all. This cigar is producing a ton of smoke too!
As I approach the halfway mark, the flavors can only be described as consistent. I am still getting nutmeg, spice, nuttiness and there is some leather in there too. The consistency is great because the flavors are great. It's just important to make the distinction that there is no big complex shift in flavors as you work your way through the cigar.
I ended up nubbing this beauty and wished it was a lancero so there was more to enjoy! This was my second time to smoke this particular cigar; 8 days off the truck. My plan is to let the other rest in the humi a while to see how they do with some time on them.
I'd definitely recommend trying this cigar. The flavors are wonderful and the burn and construction were near flawless.
May 25, 2016, 2:46 pm
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