Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder:  American
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Vitola:  Robusto (5 x 50)
Brand:  Cornelius and Anthony
Factory:  La Zona
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-10  
Production:  Regular
Source:  Small Batch from IPCPR 2017

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Cornelius and Anthony Aerial – Smoking Experience

Clip the cap, toast and roast the foot, let ‘er rest for a few seconds, take that first puff: whoa!  Pepper sucker punched me right in the back of the throat, making me reach for my sparkling water almost immediately.  Several minutes later, amidst a backdrop of pepper, warm caramels and bright cedar emerged as my senses adjusted to the surprise.

Late in the first third and early in the second third were my favorite moments.  Particularly when I stretched my patience to the max and focused on slowing down as much as possible, those caramel notes displayed lots of agility with nuanced flavors of dulce de leche, flan, and even caramel square candy.  Hints of cedar, oak, and citrus would come and go as a creamy texture settled over the experience.

This cigar didn’t perform as well when smoked at a regular pace, leading the last third to taste much less appetizing as one would expect.  As an additional side note, I had a hard time determining how I’d classify the body of this cigar in case someone asked.  At times the profile felt thin and mild, at other times it felt more medium in body with more depth.

Cornelius and Anthony Aerial – Construction

My Aerial burned much quicker and hotter than expected for a robusto (52 minutes at a very slow cadence) and had a fairly loose draw.  I didn’t detect any soft spots that would otherwise lead me to believe that it was definitely under filled, but the symptoms do make me wonder if my experience is different than intended.

The burn itself required average maintenance throughout, a couple of touchups here and there.  As mentioned earlier with the heat and smoking cadence, the touchups were more noticeable in my Aerial experience because of the effect on the flavor profile.

Quick Review Disclaimer

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Cornelius and Anthony Aerial Review
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Memorable Highlights


Burned Quick/Hot

Loose Draw

Less appetizing 3/3

Aerial was a surprise through and through: from the cryptic "American Binder" to the initial pepper blast to the delightful variations of caramel to the short smoke time. Although the construction of my particular Aerial wasn't conducive to a great experience, there were moments of veiled excellence that I could feel hiding just below the surface and will explore again in the future.
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