Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Brand:  Regius
Factory: Plasencia Cigars S.A.
CigarNoise Price Range: $11-$14
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Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial – First Thoughts

My first experience with what I call the Regius Blue Label was courtesy of Josh S from the Noise.  Loved it so much that I had to grab a fiver from Small Batch.  Been waiting ever since to review it.

I remember sophisticated notes of berries, cream, cocoa, and earth being the driving flavors of a mild-medium bodied cigar.  I believe most of the negative reviews that I’ve seen on this vitola (can’t speak to the other sizes) are from user error.  Believing the dark shade of the wrapper to be spicier, bolder, and more flavorful, ultimately leading to a let down.

A cold draw on this cigar is very sweet, not unlike Pixie Sticks.  Based on prior experience with this densely packed cigar, I decided to dry box it overnight.  Rather than twist the pigtail cap, I snipped it off.  I’ll be reviewing this one with water today.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial – First Third

Earth, Cream, Cocoa, Cedar, Berries, Coca Cola, Roasted Pork

Immediately I’m greeted with sweet earth, cream, an undetermined sweetness, and an effervescent quality that I’ve only experienced maybe once before.  The texture of the smoke is fizzy and makes for an entertaining first cigar of the day.

I’m cutting a little further into this stick to open the draw up more, looks like cut no. 3 does the trick.  With that same carbonated texture, we’re now getting cocoa, cedar, and subtle hints of berries.  The earth and cedar form an intoxicating combo, quite different from any cigar that I’ve reviewed in recent memory.  I can see it being a love/hate thing, though, but it’s right up my alley.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial Review | CigarNoise | First Third

The experience so far is very smooth and gentle.  Smoke is billowing out of the Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro on the table, but the draw leaves me wanting some more until we’re over the hump of the perfecto shape.

Around an inch in, I think I’ve found that undetermined sweetness from the beginning.  Combined with the carbonated feel of the smoke, it’s very much reminiscent of Coca Cola syrup.  Being someone that enjoys subtle cigars with finesse, I’m finding this one very rewarding.

Towards the end of the first third, a few things begin to happen.  Roasted pork and leather notes join our (now flat) Coca Cola sensation.  Berries still come and go between puffs, but the savory meat and leather notes take the drivers seat.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial – Second Third

Cream, Earth, Leather, Cocoa Powder, Caramel, Roasted Pork, Coca Cola, Dark Chocolate

Dropping the ash, it’s like I hopped in a time machine and skipped right back to the beginning.  Effervescent, creamy, sweet earth comes surging out of the gate immediately.  Leather, faint cocoa powder, roasted pork, and caramel squeeze in after a few moments.

“Second verse, much like the first.  Just a whole lot louder and a whole lot worse.”  Oddly enough, one of my favorite running cadences is fairly accurate except for the last few words.  The flavors are more pronounced now yet much of the same.

This is another of those cigars that is easy on the palate.  I’ve barely touched my glass of water, feeling refreshed between puffs without liquid aid.  I still haven’t figured it out exactly – if you know the terminology or what is the causation behind this, please comment below.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial Review | CigarNoise | Second Third

Removing the secondary band, Coca Cola is back in action!  Pretty damn sure it’s review history for me, can’t think of any other cigar that offers an almost perfect rendition of Coke.  Dark chocolate also joins the party past the halfway point.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial – Last Third

Leather, Cedar, Dark Chocolate, Cashew, Black Pepper, Chalky Protein Powder

For the first time, earth isn’t a dominating factor in the last third.  Leather, cedar, dark chocolate, and cashew open up in the final stretch.  Not an ounce of sponginess, bitterness, or heat are affecting the experience.

The cedar starts to riot as we burn down a little further.  In a moment of unrest, black pepper and spice also show up in a cacophony of flavors.  Like the dark moments in a classical ballad, Regius Exclusive USA Oscuro quickly returns to the harmonious qualities that I’ve come to identify with this cigar.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial Review | CigarNoise | Last Third

Chalky protein powder (of the chocolate variety, of course) takes over with about an inch and a half left and remains until the end.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial Fat Perfecto
8.7 Reviewer
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Great Burn

Very Pleasant


Linear Flavor Progression

Lacks Complexity

The Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial explores the softer side of the San Andres and Nicaraguan marriage. I find this cigar to be a sophisticated experience that's easy on the palate and an excellent first cigar of the day. Regardless of the actual rating, I plan on smoking many of these cigars.
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