Here’s the conundrum:  I’ve smoked a LOT of new cigars this week and didn’t have time to properly review all of them.  Most of them.  To compensate, I’d like to do a quick roundup each week of my thoughts on cigars that didn’t get the attention they deserve, but are notable nonetheless.

Padron Damaso

Padron Damaso

I’m enjoying this cigar currently, so this writeup will be  a little less ‘from the Hip’ than the others.

This Damaso from the Padron family carries the same immaculate draw, subtle complexities, and is a much milder offering than other Padrons.

There’s a delicate nature to this cigar that I really enjoy, sending me back to the Ramon Allones Specialty Selection.  It burns quicker than other cigars of it’s size, and I can appreciate that too in the Damaso.

Cream, butter, and different woodsy elements mix with earth and coffee in this highly enjoyable cigar.


Warped Corto

Warped Corto

I smoked this cigar after the Futuro the other day, and it really struck me as a Futuro Fuerte.  Much of the same barnyard flavors were present in a stronger, more full bodied experience.

There was a bit of spice throughout the cigar, but it really played a backseat to the experience instead of dominating it.  Thinking back on it, there was a cooking spice present more than the traditional pepper.

Will be doing a full write up on this cigar soon, my favorite from Warped so far!



Asylum 13 Ogre

Asylum 13 Ogre

Yesterday afternoon I burned most of the Ogre before going trick or treating.  I’m learning that I’m really not a fan of the larger ring gauges, will have to seek this cigar out in a robusto size to review.

I thought the candela in this wrapper really pulled it together rather than fizzing out as a gimmicky cigar.  No crisp burn lines or super easy draws to write about, but interesting nonetheless.

Grass, a little hay, and peppery retrohales were my experience with the Ogre.



Illusione Rothchildes

Illusione Rothchilde

Having waited for my local shop to get these in stock for months, I was super stoked to find them this week!  My all-time favorite $5 cigar, the Rothechildes reminds me very much of a mix between La Imperiosa from Crowned Heads and Flor de las Antillas from My Father.

It opens with that leathery cocoa taste that keeps me coming back for more, and presents a good amount of earth and espresso throughout.

Will definitely be doing a full write up of this cigar as well!  Can’t get enough of them.



Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

Fuente Don Carlos

First described to me as, “How a cigar should smell, and how a cigar should smoke,” after just one I had to bring the rest of the box home with me.

There’s definitely something to this wrapper – just smell one next time you’re in your local B&M.  Amazing.  Smooth, airy draw, perfect burn lines, and subtly complex smoke.

I love it with Dr. Pepper, bringing out lots of cinnamon and maple flavors.  Rogue Ales’ Hazelnut Brown Nectar gives this cigar more body, bringing out cedar, some nuttiness, and at times an interesting sweetness that might described as fruity.

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