Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut 
Binder:  Jalapa (Nicaraguan)
Filler:  Esteli and Jalapa (Nicaraguan)
Brand:  Serino Cigar Co
Factory:  La Corona Cigar Factory
CigarNoise Price Range:  $11-$14
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Serino Royale Connecticut – First Thoughts

This is my first cigar of the day and I’m pairing it with a black coffee that has some floral notes.  Not an overpowering coffee, though, considering I am reviewing a Connecticut cigar.  The wrapper smells of sweet hay and the cold draw (nice and easy) offered a mild, dry hay flavor. Cant wait to torch this!

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Serino Royale Connecticut – First Third

The first draw is easy and greeted me with mild cedar, smooth cream and white pepper.  The pepper is mainly in the retrohale and is stronger than I would have imagined from a connie but…I like peppery cigars so this is good!  This first shot of pepper doesn’t linger though; it’s just there and gone.  I am experiencing great smoke production right off the bat and the first inch of ash is very white.  I should say that I use filters a lot when I post pictures on the Noise app, however, the pictures for this review are untouched.

As it is heating up I am getting leather notes along with mild nutmeg?  The leather is like suede leather.  It’s in the background but it’s there.

Upon nearing the end of the 1st third, the white pepper blast in the retrohale is actually getting stronger and I’m digging it!  Once the pepper takes a back seat, I taste creamy vanilla and that same suede leather note.  The first ash drop arrived at about 1 1/2″ into the cigar.  The char line is even and looking great.

Serino Royale Connecticut Review |  CigarNoise  | Serino Cigar C

As I near the end of the first third I am noticing a thick coating on the tongue from the smoke that tastes like the leather and vanilla notes previously mentioned. There’s also another spice there that I can’t quite pin down.  It’s not very pronounced and is hiding behind the leather and vanilla.  The char line is a bit uneven at the 1/3 mark but I didn’t apply any correction, hoping it straightens itself out.

Serino Royale Connecticut – Second Third

The second third starts at the 25 minute mark for this cigar.  Smoke production seems to be tapering off a little but a couple encouraging puffs sparks it back to life!  I’m not tasting any drastic profile changes as I continue on but that’s ok by me because the flavors of this cigar are right where I like them for a morning cigar.  If anything, this Royale Connecticut is stronger than I anticipated.  Again, ok by me.

In the past, I have shied away from lots of connies just because I don’t care for truly mild cigars.  This Serino is doing it for me though.  Very tasty.

The pepper is dropping off some now and the retrohale is becoming more smooth and mild.  I’m catching a citrus hint now at the end of the retrohale…orange or tangerine?  It has me wondering if its the coffee I chose for pairing. Either way, it’s pleasant and hitting a good mark.  Along with the citrus note is the ever-present leather and vanilla.

The ash drops a second time right near the halfway point.

Serino Royale Connecticut Review | CigarNoise | Serino Cigar Co

As soon as the second ash drop occurs, the smoke production starts to wane again and I am a considering a purge.  I have read in Dave’s reviews where he prefers not to purge a cigar for review but I am going rogue and this cigar gets a halfway mark purge!  Immediately the smoke production is at full tilt again and a pepper blast resurfaces on the retrohale.  Love it!

The pepper is definitely white pepper and it isn’t overpowering at all.  It is fantastic.  Like the difference between hot sauce: so hot it burns your tongue vs hot sauce that has great flavor with perfect heat.  This pepper flavor is the perfect heat/flavor combination.

I remove the band shortly after the halfway mark because I want to keep these beauties!  They are gorgeous, embossed bands that are going to end up in my journal of cigar bands.  As a side note, perfect amount of glue on the bands.  They felt secure on the cigar but are easy to remove for saving.

The smoke production is ridiculously good here – thick, chewy, and creamy.  Nearing the last third and my efforts to identify all of the flavors I’m tasting are going to fall far from what this cigar deserves.  Noob factor.

Serino Royale Connecticut – Last Third

The last third begins and I am 59 minutes into this delicious connie.  For the first time I get a good clean whiff of the foot smoke and it is really leathery!  The mouth feel of the smoke is simply amazing and it continues to coat my tongue without any strong tobacco flavors at all.  Very nice.  The retrohale still offers up the white pepper and it seems to be lingering around longer now.  Like I said earlier, I don’t mind this at all because that is really making this cigar stand out for me.

I am noticing a woody flavor appearing now as well.  I can’t quite pin down if its oak or cedar but it is mild and enjoyable.  Ok…had to relight just after the start of the last third.  I may have been cruising photos on the app and lost track of time a little.  Relight….and more pepper, yes!  Vanilla, leather, pepper and now a hint of tobacco in the smoke…then the pepper just disappears.  Exit stage left.  Retrohale is nothing but vanilla cream, soft leather and dry hay.

The wrapper split about 1″ from the end of the smoke but that may have been my own carelessness when I clipped the cap.  The smoke production doesn’t seem affected by the split and it’s still burning great.  As I near the end of the cigar the pepper has just completely disappeared and the flavor is solely leather and tobacco.

Serino Royale Connecticut Review

Total smoke time on this fine cigar was one hour and thirty-two minutes.

The price list which accompanied the sampler pack I received lists this cigar at $12.75 for the torpedo.  I would consider this price a value for my experience with it.  Can’t wait to try the other offerings!

Serino Royale Connecticut Review
9.3 Reviewer
9.2 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Great Value

Perfect flavors if you like the pepper

Excellent smoke production

No burn correction at all


Nothing! Loved it!

If you're looking for a milder, yet very flavorful smoke to start the day, this is a good one. If you can't tell from my review, I was digging the pepper in the retrohale. It definitely hit a sweet spot for me. I'm also certain that my limited smoking experience missed some of the nuances I should have caught. Try this cigar for sure and see what you think.
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Traditional Excellence
Lately we've been introduced to lots of new styles of Connecticut: bolder, more in your face, essentially not a Connie. What I love about this stick is how it embraces the silky smooth nature of a Connecticut while delivering lots of flavor.

Very well constructed with refined, delicate tasting notes from start to finish.
May 20, 2016, 5:33 pm
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