Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Habano Claro (Habano 2000 seed)
Binder:  Jalapa (Nicaragua)
Filler:  Esteli and Jalapa (Nicaragua)
Brand:  Serino Cigar Co
Factory:  La Corona Cigar Factory
CigarNoise Price Range:  $11-$14
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Serino Royale Medio – First Thoughts

Let’s begin with some disclosure.  We’ve had the pleasure of seeing some behind the scenes work go into Serino Cigars from Carson in the Cigar Noise app.  As much as we love cigars, it’s always exciting to see a new manufacturer post production pics while smokin and jokin with us.  Serino Cigar Co Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

Click here to read the Serino Royale Maduro XX review.

Carson sent over a couple sample boxes for this review as well as another sample box for the May Jackpot.  Many thanks Brotha!  You can read his full 20 question interview here or inside the CigarNoise app.

I’ve smoked the Connecticut and the Medio so far.  After my first Medio yesterday, I knew that’s what I would have to review it this morning.  From what I’ve gleaned so far about Serino Cigar Co, they hold very well to the spirit of tradition rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Serino Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

Whereas a lot of Connecticut’s lately are trying to be bolder, more powerful, not a traditional Connecticut, the Royale Connecticut embraces the original intent of a milder, flavorful cigar.  The Medio, being their medium-bodied offering, knocks it out of the park in the same way.  Precision execution of balanced flavors.

Serino Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

The wrapper on the Medio smells like cedar and vanilla.  The foot yields an aroma of raisin bread.  I’m using a straight cut and pairing with either Root Beer or black Coffee this morning… unless otherwise noted.  Sometimes I get ambitious.

Serino Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

Serino Royale Medio – First Third

Cedar, Cream, Croissant, Waffle Cone, Chocolate, Nuts, Brownie Mix

The first few puffs are of cedar, cream, and a croissant style pastry.  There was a sweetness present that I failed to identify twice now before it departed.  Within moments, the croissant transitions into more of a Waffle Cone flavor with the addition of soft chocolate nuances.  Not an ounce of spice is present and the draw is very gentle.  A retro hales adds mild sinus heat as well as some nutty undertones.

About fifteen minutes in, cedar picks up the mantle and establishes itself as King of the Hill.  Several different shades of cedar emerge between puffs, taking us on a trip down memory lane of fresh hewn, thick cedar, veneer, soft cedar, sweet cedar, and a walk through the Carolinas.  Chocolate also goes through some changes, transitioning into more of a brownie mix profile.  Cedar and brownie mix make for a winning combo.

Taking my first sip of Root Beer, I’m slightly disappointed.  Fear not!  I won’t be deterred.  Black coffee?  Outstanding.  The bitterness easily highlights the rich, delightful notes of the Royale Medio.  Rye Bourbon accentuates the woodsy notes, giving way to more of a hearty oak profile than cedar. Blanton’s?  Yeah, that’s a winner!  Black coffee takes the cake though.

Serino Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

How ’bout those mechanics?  Well, the draw is spot on.  Just enough resistance to allow for a great draw.  Lots of rich, chewy smoke.  Chewy, you say?  On a medium body cigar?  You heard me!  The burn line has required a few nominal touch ups but nothing major.  And, look at that combustion line.

From the Community Spotlight with Carson, we found out that these cigars have been resting for two years after they were rolled.  You can tell – the Serino Royale Medio is exquisite to my tastes.  While it’s not a roller coaster experience, it’s got Dave  written all over it.

Towards the close of the first third, creamy cedar and brownie mix continue to be a dynamic combo.

Serino Royale Medio – Second Third

Cedar, Cream, Cocoa Butter, Rum, Faux Leather, Nutmeg, Clove, Cocoa Powder, Oak, Cashew

Our second third begins much where the last third let off, with the addition of an aged rum finish.  Soft Cedar begins to lead the pack as our chocolatey presence transitions into cocoa butter.  Serino Royale Medio is still devoid of pepper, allowing for a very serene experience.  Hints of faux leather round out the profile within a few minutes.

Hitting the spice rack to determine some new additions, it looks like we have faint notes of nutmeg and clove joining the party as well.  They’re very much secondary flavors, and subtle at that, but oh so enjoyable.

Root Beer absolutely destroys the competition in the second third!  This pairing is like using an exploded-view drawing for construction plans, enabling you to see the raw components and how they interact with each other.  Pure excellence.

Serino Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

Raisiny sweetness develops just before it’s time to remove the band.  Cocoa powder, oak, and cashew emerge as secondary flavors as well.  The second third is where it’s at for the Serino Royale Medio.  Like a track runner hitting their stride, or an author flushing out all of the characters, or a three course meal once you’re done with the appetizer.

Towards the close of the second third, the flavors (particularly cedar) become a little rowdy and seem to be building into a crescendo for the last third.

Serino Royale Medio – Last Third

Walnut, Cedar, Cream, Faux Leather, Oak, Hazelnut, Pepper, 

Well, false alarm!  Dropping the ash, I’m met with walnut, cedar, cream, and faux leather.  We’re back to an even keeled profile.  The cigar itself is remains firm without becoming spongy and doesn’t appear to have bitterness in store for the final third.

Raw walnuts and heavy whipping cream surge to the top fairly quickly while hints of gingerbread develop in the background.  The level of cream still present in the last third is as stunning as it is satisfying.  Over two hours of cream?  Sign me up!

Serino Royale Medio Review | Cigar Noise

With a little over an inch left, the crescendo effect is gaining again.  Bold flavors of oak and hazelnut join the party.  Sinus heat builds as pepper makes it’s first appearance.  And then, just like that, everything dies down into a smooth, easy going cigar again.  This is one of those moments when I wish I had a nubbing tool.  I think I would smoke this one into oblivion.

Serino Royale Medio Robusto Gordo
9.3 Reviewer
9.1 Cigar Noise Network (4 votes)

Excellent Draw

Serene Flavors

Exemplary Med-Bodied Cigar

Who launches a cigar line with 16 facings? These guys do. After smoking just two of their four blends, I'm a fan. The amount of TLC that they've put into this launch is readily apparent, and I'm stoked to see what's next. The Serino Royale Medio is my new favorite 60 ring gauge cigar. With an ambitious $12.95 MSRP, I believe this cigar commands that price. If I had to describe the Royale Medio with one word, it would be Elegant.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 4 Make some Noise
Thoroughly Enjoyed!
Construction, burn, and draw were all on point. Flavors were mostly creamy cedar with lots of complex nuances. Would definitely smoke again. Looking forward to trying the rest of the line.
July 30, 2016, 9:48 am
Serino Royale Medio (Pre-Release)
This was my first cigar of the day and it worked well. I paired it with black coffee. The scents from the wrapper were sweet like chocolate and the cold draw was heavy with cocoa, dry hay and some green grass. The first 1/3 of this cigar was nothing but creamy smooth cedar and butter cracker flavors...no spice at all. As I progressed through the smoke, the cedar and cocoa flavors stayed pronounced and wonderful. Amazing foot smoke aroma from the cigar too. A couple of times it looked like the cigar went out on the cigar stand but when I picked it up and drew on it there was a ton of smoke. I did have the wrapper crack on my cigar about 1 1/2" from the cap as I was nearing the halfway point of the smoke. It didn't seem to affect draw or smoke production at all. This was a very tasty cigar!
May 31, 2016, 8:39 pm
Great Cigar, Great Flavor
This cigar provides excellent medium bodied flavors with an incredible draw. Beautiful construction with a few minor touch-ups.
May 9, 2016, 11:05 pm
Very flavorful cigar.
Tons of flavor. Great draw. Slight burn issue at times. Not normally a 60 gauge smoker but it worked on this cigar.
May 6, 2016, 11:04 pm
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