Small Batch Cigar is excited to announce the release of Sombrero de Copa, a cigar created in collaboration with the /r/cigars community. The name Sombrero de Copa (top hat) is a nod to /r/cigars’ tradition of selecting an “Aficionado of the Month”.

The blending process began over two years ago in early 2016 to create something as unique as r/cigars. To make sure this cigar was crafted with the community in mind, several members of the moderating team made a trip to Miami to visit Espinosa HQ. With head blender Hector Alfonso and a handful of blends, Andrew of Small Batch and the moderators chose the blend that best represented the community’s diverse palate. After the blend was finalized, users voted for both the name and design to put their mark on this historic cigar.

Sombrero de Copa Cigar - R/Cigars Small Batch Exclusive

Sombrero de Copa features Nicaraguan fillers from Esteli (ligero) and Jalapa (viso), a Jalapa binder, and is finished with an Habano Alfonso wrapper. The experience is medium in body and strength, leading with citrus and sweeter tasting notes while licorice and spice are noticeable through the nose.

Sombrero de Copa is very approachable for novice smokers, yet offers a wide range of complex nuances for veteran cigar enthusiasts. Each 6 x 46 Corona Gorda features an accessible $6.99 MSRP and is presented inside a commemorative box of twenty.

Sombrero de Copa Art by Small Batch and Reddit R/Cigars

Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan (Jalapa)
Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli ligero, Jalapa viso)
Vitola: 6 x 46
Body: Medium
Strength: Medium

ABOUT SMALL BATCH CIGAR: has been the destination for boutique cigar enthusiasts for over six years now, servicing tens of thousands nationwide. Small Batch Cigar is the online extension of Maxamar Ultimate Cigars, providing the same luxurious cigar experience of their brick and mortar in Southern California to enthusiasts from coast to coast.

ABOUT THE AFICIONADO OF THE MONTH: “The Aficionado of the Month is someone who is nominated every month by the /r/cigars community. This person is chosen for their cigar knowledge and general contributions to the subreddit. The AOTM is an /r/cigars member (not a moderator) who the subreddit votes to represent the community for a month. They are allowed to choose a special cigar, or sometimes cigars, for the subreddit to try.” -R/Cigars

The above statement and photo credits belong to Small Batch Cigar.

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