July 7, 2017 – Austin, Texas: Southern Draw Cigars., has announced a price increase on their premium Kudzu, Firethorn and Rose of Sharon line-ups and established the pricing for the nationwide release of Jacobs Ladder cigars.

Company Founder Robert Holt states, “This is the first price increase by Southern Draw Cigars since the FDA Deeming Regulations were announced in May 2016, and hopefully it will be the last associated with these unfortunate realities of added costs. An average of 5%, is modest, especially in the face of today’s accelerating costs due to user fees, legal fees, increased demand on human resources and general inflationary pressures associated with the production, packaging and distribution of these premium blends.”

Southern Draw Quickdraw cigars won't be affected by price change

Southern Draw Cigars, QuickDraw line will not be effected by this initial price change as the Company wishes to maintain the value priced cigars for those loyal consumers that enjoy the $5.00 – $6.00 price point and a nationwide release for the previously announced QuickDraw Corona Corda 5 x 46 is slated for fall 2017 with an MSRP of less than $6.00.

The price increases are in effect as of July 12, 2017 and will not affect backorders, pre-orders or previously agreed upon specials of its current inventory.

For general information about Southern Draw Cigars, visit them at IPCPR 2017 in Booth 1275 or for a list of retail partners or to become a retail partner, and to enjoy our reviews, please visit us at www.southerndrawcigars.com. Please LIKE us, FOLLOW us & TWEET us – Facebook/Southern Draw, Instagram/SDCIGARS and Twitter/@SDCIGARS.

Soli Deo gloria!

The above statement and photo credits belong to Southern Draw Cigars.


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