Wrapper:  Brazilian
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Brand:  Suriel Cigars
Factory:  Kelner Boutique Factory
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
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Suriel Day and Night – First Thoughts

I received this cigar from a Cigar of the Month deal from Cigar Federation.  Having zero knowledge of this company, I reached out to Uriel to provide some insight into their history and a little about him.  Please check back soon to see the Q&A here.

The foot is very aromatic, providing notes of raisin bread, vanilla, and hints of warm christmas spices.  The wrapper fragrance is like smelling straight cocoa butter from the Domestic Engineer’s closet.  A reddish hue coats the brazilian wrapper as well.

I’ll be reviewing this cigar with water unless otherwise stated.

Suriel Day and Night – First Third

Leather, Cream, Earth, Orange, Spice, Cedar, Graham Cracker

First puff?  A marriage of leather, cream, subtle hints of tangy earth, and an interesting citrus zing on the tip of the tongue.  Very faint spice is present in the mouthfeel.  Within moments, creamy leather with undertones of orange ride to the top of the profile.  Silky smooth smoke, excellent burn line, and engaging flavors are my first few impressions of this stick.

Suriel Day and Night Review | CigarNoise

A retro hale brings out a little more spice, emphasizing leather and adding soft cedar accents.  This would be an excellent cigar for someone newer to cigars to learn how to retro hale with, it’s so smooth that there’s almost no risk and only reward.

Around the one inch mark, spice begins to tickle the back of the throat while cedar makes it’s presence known.   The addition of graham cracker solidifies this as a winner in my book.  Maintenance free cigar with plenty of flavors to draw from.

Suriel Day and Night Review | CigarNoise

Towards the end of the first third, the creamy nature of this cigar begins to coat the palate more and more.  Citrus notes continue to stay with us through the entirety of the first third.  Different nuances of leather and cedar battle it out for the top layer tasting notes at this stage in the game.

Suriel Day and Night – Second Third

Leather, Citrus, Cocoa Powder, Iced Latte, Grilled Meat, Chocolate Chip Cherry Ice Cream

Rich, vibrant leather begins the second third.  A couple more puffs and citrus reemerges along with hints of cocoa powder and espresso over a savory finish.  Generic woodsy notes rise to the surface just moments later.  And, as the ash builds, cream is layered on top of these flavors.

Taking my first sip of black coffee, I find the Suriel Day and Night to have a roasted quality to it.  Coffee accents the cocoa and espresso (obviously) flavors but it also brings out sweeter sensations like cane sugar.  Delightful for sure.

Near the halfway point, our previously mentioned cocoa powder transitions into rich chocolate notes.  If I slow down and take it easy, I’m rewarded with milk chocolate.  Taking successive puffs yields dark chocolate.

Suriel Day and Night Review | CigarNoise

Orange and other citrus notes have disappeared, leaving us with something akin to an Iced Mocha Latte.  Surprisingly, the finish is still savory, like grilled meat, making this cigar both the entree and the dessert.

I’ve not had a cigar burn like this since we started doing reviews late last year.  If the first third is perfect, dropping the ash usually adds some complications in the second third.  Nothing major, usually, but a little correction needed from time to time.  Suriel Day and Night?  Light it and forget it.  If it continues, it’ll be the first ever 10/10 burn rating.

Towards the end of the second third, hints of cherries are introduced amidst a creamy background. Now we’re talking chocolate chip cherry ice cream!  Dayum.

Suriel Day and Night – Last Third

Dark Chocolate, Cream, Cherry, Charred Meat, Dried Fruit, Mixed Nuts, Walnut

The last third begins with prominent notes of dark chocolate, less noticeable cream, hints of cherries, and a charred meat finish.  The finish, like in the second third, seems out of place but is enjoyable nonetheless.  It adds more character rather than seeming discordant or unruly.

Suriel Day and Night Review | CigarNoise

Cherries depart fairly quickly in this third, but other hints of dried fruit and an unidentified sweetness emerge to take its place.  Mixed nuts also introduce themselves to the party in this segment, spanning the gambit of nuts to the point that we’ll just say it’s Mixed Nuts.  Lots of subtle flavors weaving themselves into the profile at this point.

With barely over an inch left, Suriel Day and Night loads up on the dark chocolate notes along with dark chocolate bitterness.  Cream leaves us altogether, and walnut takes the passenger seat.  Faint notes of fruit and other sweet experiences come and go intermittently.

The ash in each third has held on until I dropped it to begin the next segment.  The hand feel is still firm and springy down til the end, refusing to become spongy.  My only knock against this cigar is I find myself wanting more body – more depth of flavor from time to time.  It’s great as is, I just want more.

Suriel Day and Night
9.2 Reviewer
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Immaculate Burn

Enjoyable Flavors

Great Med-Bodied Cigar


Draw was a little Snug

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Suriel Day and Night. Yet another home run from the Dominican Republic, this cigar showcases an equilibrium of flavor and construction. Having walked into this cigar with zero knowledge of the Brand or the factory, you can bet your ass I'll be following both for more products in the future.
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