Wrapper: Undisclosed
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
Brand: Talamanca
Factory: Undisclosed (Central America)
CigarNoise Price Range: $5-$7 ($132 / 25 count box)
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Talamanca Machista – Initial Observations

I received The Talamanca Machista from Dave for review on the CigarNoise website.  I wanted to find out more about this cigar prior to review but Dave’s review of the Talamanca Seis left no real hope of their website giving me much insight.  The only tidbits their site offered on the Machista informed me that it is a 5.2″ x 50 cigar and is “Really strong.”

Visually, this is a beautiful cigar.  Light brown in color, the wrapper was free of large veins with virtually invisible seams.  Scents of cedar and hay emanated from the wrapper while the foot gave off notes of raisin, spice and cedar.  After a perfect punch, draw was easy and tasted of vanilla, hay and mild cedar.

Talamanca Machista – Flavors

The first draw rewarded me with cedar, vanilla, cherry, and cream with pepper dominating the retrohale.  While the pepper was evident in the mouth as well, it finished very quickly.  With one inch of ash clinging to the end, more creaminess and pepper were evident in the mouth.  In an almost bashful way, the pepper waited until the I expelled the smoke from my mouth before it tingled the tongue.Halfway through the Talamanca Machista, or “macho”, cedar rules the profile but allowed hints of vanilla and cherry to follow along.  Sinus heat was nonexistent midway.

Removing the band, I moved into the final third of this stick.  Although the cream and cedar remained steady participants, pepper was scarce and mild tobacco flavors took it’s place.  Interestingly, the final one and a half inches held a true surprise for me: pepper returned with a true vengeance and the smoke became very creamy.

Talamanca Machista – Construction

The nearly invisible wrapper seams and perfectly applied cap made this a real attention grabber.  The wrapper was very smooth in appearance with no visible incongruences underneath.  After lighting, the first ash fell at the one inch mark and consecutive occurrences were nearly as predictable.

I did notice the ash become a bit flaky midway through the cigar, but remained bright throughout the smoking process.  Draw remained easy but not too loose and smoke production was spot on from start to finish. While the burn was a bit wavy and erratic, no touch-ups were necessary.

Talamanca Machista Review
8.8 Reviewer
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Great Value

Flawless Draw

Great Smoke Production

Enjoyable Flavors


Uneven Burn

Flavors Finish Quickly

No Real Complexity In Flavors

Flavors were enjoyable but were relatively predictable after the first inch of the cigar. At just over $5.00 a stick, this is a good budget smoke with both great construction and smoke production.
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