Wrapper:  Undisclosed
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Brand:  Talamanca
Factory:  Undisclosed (Central America)
Price Range:  $3.52 ($88 per box of 25)
Source:  (TalamancaCigars.com)
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Talamanca Seis – First Thoughts

I was contacted by Attila JJ of Talamanca Cigars a little while back and he shipped a box of their lineup from Costa Rica.  I wish that I would’ve taken a picture of the entire line for this review, but I just finished piecing them out to some of our other reviewers.  You can find a little information on them at Talamancacigars.com but not much.  On a sidenote, each of their cigars have the same band making it hard to discern which is which even with the website’s help.

While the box came from Costa Rica, Attila mentioned that they primarily use Nicaraguan tobacco with the addition of Cuban tobacco in their Original and Special lines.  I’ll definitely be interested to hear what Ted and Rich think of those when they review them later.

The Talamanca Seis measures 4 x 50 and features a twist cap.  The wrapper smells of soft cedar and vanilla while the foot pops with raisin bread, spice, and milk chocolate.

Talamanca Seis – Flavors

My initial puffs are of cedar, cream, and a very satisfying raisin bread.  A metallic twang comes through on the finish unless I’m careful to go slow and set it down after each draw.  Having just looked up the price of these cigars a few moments before and I’m blown away.  So much value inside this inexpensive package. Very mild pepper comes through on the retro hale but is completely absent in the mouth feel.

Cherries, dark chocolate, and green tea work their way into the mix at approximately half an inch in.  Cream still coats the palate, allowing these flavors to combine in unique ways.  All hints of metal have fled the scene by this point.  There are times when I feel like I’m smoking one of the interesting concoctions they have in Hawaiian Ice Cream Parlors.

Dropping the ash near the halfway mark, oak dominates the tasting notes.  In the background, we find hints of dark chocolate, earth, and coffee – but mostly oak.  Right before it’s time to remove the band, walnuts join our woodsy sensations and signal the end of the sweeter pleasantries during the first half.

Talamanca Seis – Construction

How ’bout those mechanics?  The Talamanca Seis has an effortless draw, allowing just enough resistance for plenty of smoke.  And it continues to smoke like a chimney while resting on the table. The ash held until I purposely dropped it to see if the flavors would change.  While the heat built up towards the end, the cigar never became spongy.

The burn line, however, was fairly erratic.  It was near perfect for the first 15 minutes and then developed a mind of it’s own, burning in wavy, artistic lines like an abstract painting.

Talamanca Seis Review
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Incredible Value

Great Draw

Delicious First 1/2


Wavy Burn

Mediocre Second 1/2

The first half of the Talamanca Seis tasted like one of those hidden gems that are uncovered from time to time. The second half, while underwhelming compared to the first, is easily overlooked for the price point of ~$3.50. I'd recommend these for those moments when you want lots of flavor on a budget.
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