Wrapper: Sancti Spiritus
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Vitola: Torpedo (6 3/4 x 54)
Factory: My Father Cigars S.A. (Esteli, Nicaragua)
Source:  CDMCigars.com
CigarNoise Price Range: $11-$14
Availability:  Limited (2,000 boxes of 10)
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Tatuaje The Jackal – Initial Thoughts

Tatuaje released The Jackal in 2015 as an Exclusive Series cigar.  Today was my second encounter with this shaggy-footed cigar and I was excited to review it!  Tatuaje produced 2000 ten-count boxes of this cigar in the My Father Cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaraugua.

Editor’s Note:  While Casa de Montecristo lists Tatuaje The Jackal as being a store exclusive of 1,000 boxes of ten, other sources note 2,000 boxes being produced.  We’ve seen other stores in Pennsylvania carry this cigar on the shelf as well. 

My cigar appeared very well constructed with a gorgeous chocolate colored wrapper and a slender torpedo shape at the cap.  The wrapper felt smooth, appeared slightly oily and smelled of hay, mild tobacco and cocoa.  A deep whiff from the foot offered the same aromas.

I paired this cigar with a glass of water and used a straight cut to open the cap.  The cold draw consisted primarily of hay and sweet tobacco with a hint of cocoa hiding near the back.

Tatuaje The Jackal – First Third

Cedar, Cocoa, Earth, Pepper, Cream

After torching the open foot of the cigar, my tastebuds were immediately delighted with a sweetness in both the cedar and cocoa profile of the flavor.  A strong start in making a lasting impression!

Tatuaje The Jackal Review

I was concerned about possible burn maintenance as the char line moved past the open foot and into the wrapper.  My concerns were quickly nullified with the burn remaining even and relatively crisp.  Creeping into the wrapped section, cedar became more pronounced and pushed the sweetness further back into the flavor list.  Earthy flavors and very mild pepper developed near the end of this section.

Smoke production was fantastic, coating my tongue and the roof of my mouth with a real creamy texture.  While in the cigar rest, Tatuaje The Jackal offered just a tendril of smoke, at times appearing to be out.  Each new puff put my worries to bed, cranking out smoke in billows.

Tatuaje The Jackal – Middle Third

Cedar, Coffee, Tobacco, Pepper, Cream

Beginning the second third, the ash fell and smoke production dipped.  I applied a quick touch-up to the burn line, reinvigorating the smoke with ease.  Cedar flavor immediately bullied to the front, leaving coffee and mild tobacco flavors tagging along.  The flavors complimented each other very nicely and the finish was smooth and lingering.

Tatuaje The Jackal Review

Retro haling the creamy smoke was very nice, producing little sinus heat.  Near the halfway mark, I needed to apply another touch-up as the burn became quite wavy.  Nicotine levels pushed up near the end of this section, leaving a little tingle on my tongue and lips.

Tatuaje The Jackal – Final Third

Coffee, Cedar, Earth, Mild Tobacco, Pepper

I removed the band to begin this final phase of the cigar and, unfortunately, some of the wrapper was glued to the band.  Consequently, the wrapper had a bit of damage.  No worries; I proceeded without pause.

As the previous power of cedar diminished into the profile, coffee took it’s place up front.  This was a welcome change.  The flavors haven’t been complex up to this point so it was nice to have a new leader in the march.  Further in the background, earth flavor returned, having been nonexistent in the middle third. Mild tobacco and pepper quietly followed the leaders, barely noticeable.

Tatuaje The Jackal Review

Sinus heat raised the ante in the final stages of the cigar.  The heat was in no way unpleasant, just serving to remind me that I was nearing the end of this experience.  I eventually had to put the cigar to rest as the heat significantly picked up in the last inch or so.

Tatuaje The Jackal Review
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Nice Initial Sweetness

Near Perfect Draw

Flavors Complimented Each Other Nicely

Reasonable Price For An Exclusive Cigar


Complexity Lacked In Transition

Wavy Burn Line Required Touch-ups

Damage To Wrapper By Band Removal

This Exclusive Series cigar from Tatujae was quite good, but I longed for more complexity as the cigar is a good-sized vitola and takes some time to get through. I felt as if a new cigar smoker may get bored with with same profile of flavors throughout most of the smoking experience. Besides the two touch-ups to the burn line, it performed flawlessly. The construction of the cigar was quite good as well, only faltering when the damage to the wrapper occurred by removing the band. This is a cigar I would smoke again if another became available to me.
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