Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder:  Indonesian
Filler:  Jalapa, Nicaragua
Brand:  Veritas
Factory:  TACASA
Price Range:  $5-$7
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To give you a little backstory of today’s review, my first experience with Veritas cigars was with their Torch Habano.  I was sent one in a blind trade from @smokey and fell in love.  Afterward, I purchased a Veritas Sampler and smoked the Torch Maduro.  The Maduro was so damn good that I called The Leaning House back and purchased the rest of their stock that night.  While the Torch Maduro hasn’t been made since 2014, the Torch Connecticut is still in regular production.

@smokey described this cigar as a buttery, cracker experience.  We’ll put that to the test today with a pairing of iced coffee, diet Ginger Ale, and several different rums if those don’t hit the spot.  Full disclosure:  Matt’s a rep for Veritas cigars and sent me a couple of each to review.  I’ve been hoarding them in the humidor like an ass for the last couple months.

Torch Connecticut – First Thoughts

While the pre-light inspection is usually suspect, it’s part of the ritual of enjoying a cigar.  There’s a lot of fresh cedar coming off the wrapper, while the foot of our Torch Connecticut smells rather vegetal.  A cold draw yields an interesting combination of both the cedar and vegetal notes.

I just used a cutter that the Domestic Engineer gave me last Christmas for the first time.  It sucks – pictures from here on out will reflect the suckage of this cutter.  Thanks Darlin 😉

EDIT: This cigar was so different than what I’ve come to expect from a Connecticut that I had to look up some information on the Veritas website.  This interesting cigar is the combination of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Indonesian binder, and filler from Jalapa, Nicaragua.

Torch Connecticut – First Third

Salty, Butter, Croissant, French Bread, Cedar, Boiled Peanuts, Cream, Toast

Well, I can definitely say this is radically different from any other Connecticut I’ve smoked in recent memory.  It’s very salty on the first few puffs, with some lingering spice, and I think I like it.  After letting it rest just a moment, subsequent puffs reveal the renowned buttery nature that @smokey described.

Croissants, anyone?  The notes on this cigar are very delicate, buttery, and smooth like a Croissant.  Conversely, the Torch Connecticut isn’t an oily cigar and there’s a slight kick on when blown through the nose.  Just the faintest amount of that horse radish-esque sinus kick.

When paired with coffee, that sinus kick is much more pronounced and robust.  Ginger Ale is the exact opposite, mellowing this cigar out completely.

Veritas Torch Connecticut Review First Third

The draw on this cigar is perfect for my tastes.  Whereas the Torch Maduro makes the vein pop out in my forehead, Torch Connecticut has just enough give to allow a perfect draw and lots of smoke production.

At the one inch mark, our buttery cohorts seem to have left us for the time being.  I’m getting mostly french bread now, with the sinus kick intensifying regardless of pairing.

As we get ready to close out the first third, interesting flavors are rolling in.  Cedar, boiled peanuts, cream, and toast.  I’m curious if any of these notes will make their way into the second third after I drop the ash.  Speaking of which, it’s still burning perfectly even.

Torch Connecticut – Second Third

Ritz Cracker, Peppercorn, Cedar, Salted Peanuts

First draw of the second third?  Heavenly.  Like a Ritz Cracker. Coffee really draws this flavor out while, like before, intensifying that sinus punch.  A lingering, spicy finish was present for a few moments but exited so fast I almost didn’t write it down.

Want an in-your-face experience with this cigar?  Pair it with coffee and enjoy the ride.

First touch-up

Veritas Torch Connecticut Review Second Third

Just when I was thinking that the second third would settle in for some Ritz goodness, it shifts again.  Now we’re talking cedar, cream and salted peanuts in the drivers seat.  I’ve not experienced much saltiness in a cigar that I appreciated, but I’ll go on record and say that the Torch Connecticut does it well.

Relight.  Damn that came out of no where.  From smoking like a chimney to a dead stop.

Torch Connecticut – Last Third

Bread, Nuts, Short-Lived Sweetness, Butter, Tobacco, Toast

You never know what you’ll get after a relight.  Today, though, I’m one lucky bastard.  After a little bit of rest, I pick up the Torch Connecticut again and it’s back to business as usual.  Lots of bread notes with a sweet, nuttiness on the finish.  Not a just-relit-this-cigar type of nuttiness – this is very pleasant.

Butter is back as well!  This time it’s not only present in the taste, but also the mouth feel.  The smoke is oily, and coats the tongue almost as much as AJ Fernandez’s Last Call that we reviewed while in Esteli, Nicaragua.

Regrettably, the sweetness is short lived.  But we’re still rocking and rolling with old favorites from the Bakery.  It’s like touring all the different nuances of wheat products in all their various forms.  With salt, without salt.  With butter, without butter.  Gluten free?  No way.

Veritas Torch Connecticut Review Last Third

With less than two inches on our Torch Connecticut, generic tobacco flavors begin to combine with toast and I know that it’s time to grab another of these beauties.  I feel like I just finished a great book series and want to start again at the beginning before starting something new!

Veritas Torch Connecticut Review
9.3 Reviewer
9.1 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Excellent Connecticut

Smoke Bomb

Great Draw


One Relight

Only Available in Select Areas

If flavors like bread, butter, and cream are your style, I'd highly recommend this cigar. While I enjoy cedar, those moments of the Torch Connecticut were my least favorite - I was ready to get back to the Baker's corner. At just $7, I'd highly recommend this cigar - hell, I'd recommend this cigar as an outstanding Connecticut also.
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Not Bad
For a Connecticut, it's honestly not bad. I don't smoke many Connecticut wrappers, but this one has a good kick to it.
March 7, 2016, 12:18 pm
Best Connecticut
This is a must smoke every cigar smoker. Best Connecticut on the market.
March 2, 2016, 3:02 am
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