Wrapper:  Undisclosed
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Vitola:  5 x 52 Perfecto
Brand:  Viaje
Factory:  Undislosed
CigarNoise Price Range: $11-$14
Availability:  Undisclosed
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Viaje Zombie Green – Flavors

Flavors:  From the closed foot, our first few moments with the undisclosed wrapper were silky smooth, and had flavors of nougat and milk chocolate.  Once the cigar started burning in entirety, a healthy dose of pepper crowds out the room and provides the morning wake up call.  Approaching the straightaway from the perfecto shape, pepper begins to recede and gives way to baker’s chocolate, soft nuances of wood, and bright leathery notes.

Once we’ve crossed the threshold of the perfecto vitola, our rough, dark chocolate begins to morph into milk chocolate from the wrapper.  Pepper also comes back in a rush, lingering on the palate and adding it’s strength to the retro hale as well.  Leather and woodsy tasting notes also experience a transition, taking on a charred aspect.

Aside from the introduction of peanuts to change the pace, with almost two inches of ash our Viaje Zombie Green seems to be stagnant like… a zombie.  Eventually, Coca Cola notes work their way into the second third to reanimate this guy.

Forcibly removing the ash, lots of creamy smoke is literally the only thing happening right now.  A touch of bitterness on the tongue further complicates my experience.  Past the midway point, earthy components attenuate the bitterness to a degree.

Viaje Zombie Green – Construction

The Viaje Zombie Green features a completely closed foot and feels dense in the hand. Aside from the foot, the cigar is virtually seamless and presents itself well.

The draw opened up after the perfecto shape evened out, but it never reached the equilibrium of resistance and airflow.  Although I left it on the counter in Middle East RH for an hour, I’d recommend dry boxing a little more for a better experience.

Our burn line required a few touch-ups throughout the first half, but otherwise continued to smoke like a chimney almost every time I reached for it.  The char line was razor sharp and became my favorite characteristic of this cigar.  The second half of this cigar saw much fewer corrections.

Viaje Zombie Green 2016 Review
7.9 Reviewer
8.7 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Good Lounge Cigar

Ash Champ


No Complexity

Stagnant Flavors

I've smoked this cigar several times socially over the last 60 days and it never offended me. Coca Cola or sweeter rum revitalizes this stick and keep the flavors sharp and engaging. On it's own, though, this Zombie seemed to have no legs.
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Zombie Green
Rough, slightly lumpy, dark brown wrapper (nowhere near as dark as the Red), and heavy smoke production, the Green offers the same blend as the Red just different wrapper, this time Nicaraguan criollo as opposed to the Nicaraguan maduro.

Earthy with hints of chocolate, very smooth and tasty, so far this one is already better than the red. This one I can definitely taste the spicy/musty leather criollo, but it is under the earth and chocolate, so I'm really happy.

Second third chocolate turns into more of a red pepper cocoa, the earth and leather take the forefront together.

Last third really ramps up the earth and leather, as well as dropping off the other flavors, the first and last thirds were definitely where the cigar shone, a very good cigar.
December 15, 2016, 1:21 am
It is good for a Viaje
While this company is very hit-n-miss, this one can be said to be on their better side
August 19, 2016, 6:08 pm
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