Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Vitola: 5 1/2 x 44 (Corona)
Brand: Tre J Cigars
Factory: Tabacalera Las Lavas, Tabacalera Palma (Dominican Republic)
Source: Tre J Cigars
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10

Vicarias White Label Corona – Initial Thoughts

My review of the Vicarias White Label Corona is one I looked forward to.  With the performance of their other cigars fresh in my memory, I pulled this from the review box with some anticipation.

Months ago, a great BOTL from CigarNoise sent me the Vicarias Blue Label, Black Label and Invictus.  While I found my favorite amongst the three, all performed well and were enjoyable for sure.  I hoped the experience I had with the other Vicarias smokes repeated itself.

The White Label is available in Corona, Corona Gorda and Churchill vitolas.  My White Label was very smooth on the outside and smelled of sweet tobacco with fresh cut hay.  There was a sponginess to the feel of the cigar from the foot to the cap.

After removing the cap, the cold draw consisted of the same sweet tobacco mixed with mild spice and dry hay.  The draw was very easy through this cigar.

Vicarias White Label Corona

Vicarias White Label Corona – First Third

Cedar, Cream, Vanilla, White Pepper, Caramel

Producing billows of smoke right out of the gate, cedar dominated the Vicarias White Label profile, with a mixture of cream and vanilla combining for a velvety finish.  Shortly after the initial impressions diminished, caramel notes made a brief appearance.  Like a blanket over all of the flavors, white pepper flourished, providing an overall warmth and letting me know it was there without ruling the entire event.  During retro hale, white pepper was definitely boss, battering my sinuses with a sharp heat.

With the spongy feeling of the cigar, concern entered my mind about construction issues. This first third laid those concerns to rest as the Vicarias White Label produced a solid, medium gray colored ash.  One point of interest was the burn rate during this third.  The cigar burned through much quicker than any cigar I remember smoking in recent history.

Towards the end of this segment, I found cedar exiting the profile faster, leaving a lingering sweetness in it’s wake to mix with the peppery hit.  The sweetness in the profile avoided identification completely.  With brief appearances and no real flavor distinction, I left it as a question mark.

Vicarias White Label Corona

Vicarias White Label Corona – Second Third

Cedar, Cream, Vanilla, White Pepper

The second third really didn’t change at all from the first third.  There was no real transition in profile, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The pepper did back off from the profile towards the end of third, providing the only true change.  The burn remained consistent and the Vicarias White Label produced a ton of heavy smoke as well.

Tre J Cigars represents a partnership between Jerry Garrett, Jay Clark and John Johnson.  Their products have been on the market for just about two years.  Mr. Garrett informed me they have a new Red Label cigar joining the Vicarias lineup and hope to have it available towards the end of 2016.

During the second third, two other notes of interest emerged.  First, the ash became a tad messy, dropping flakes around the table as I was taking pictures.  The second change was a good one, finding the burn rate slowing considerably compared to the first section of the cigar.

Vicarias White Label Corona

Vicarias White Label Corona – Final Third

Cedar, Tobacco, Pepper, Mint

The final third of my Vicarias White Label remained consistent with cedar leading the show in the flavor profile.  Mild tobacco flavors slid into second place as pepper washed over my palate.  Long in the finish, a minty essence tingled my tongue.  This was a very welcome transition and gave my mouth an enjoyable cool feeling.  

Vicarias White Label Corona

Unfortunately, there was one moment in the final section where the filler began burning much faster than the wrapper and binder, requiring me to attempt a touchup.  My efforts were in vain, ultimately ending up in a complete re-light of the cigar to get things back on track.

Once I had the cigar relit, it performed well. Cedar and mild pepper continued on to the very end, allowing me to nub this cigar in a relatively satisfying finish.


Vicarias White Label Corona

Vicarias White Label Corona Review
8.6 Reviewer
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Good Draw

Good Smoke Production

Consistent Flavors


Little Complexity

Fast Burn Rate First Third

Burn/Re-Light 3/3

The first section of the cigar was the most complex in regards to the flavors I experienced. Disappointingly, it was also the section that burned the most quickly. The burn issues encountered in the final third left the middle section as the only real bright spot in the burn evaluation of this cigar. I hoped for some transition in flavors as the cigar progressed as well but found only waning transitions as I smoked through the middle and final thirds. I have a another vitola of the White Label to review in the future and look forward to seeing what it has to offer.
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