Wrapper:  Sumatra
Binder:  Jamastran Habano (Honduras)
Filler:  Jamastran (Honduras), Jalapa (Nicaragua)
Brand:  Maya Selva
Factory:  San Judas Tadeo Factory
CigarNoise Price Range:  $5-$7
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Villa Zamorano – Flavors

Although the flavors aren’t very forward, they’re agreeable.  This is a very pleasant cigar consisting of oak, peanuts, peppercorn, watered down cocoa, and cream to begin with.  The texture is my favorite quality, like that of a malt.  Very little spice presents itself in the back of the throat until the cream comes into play around the half inch mark.

As the Villa Zambrano progresses, hints of coffee are introduced along with roasted peanuts and dark chocolate.  The overall tone of the cigar turns a little darker while maintaining a pleasurable texture that’s very much reminding me of a Malt. Peppercorn and the spice associated with it reappear past the midway point and continued to build towards the nub.  If I had to designate one word to represent the last third, it would be roasted.

All in all, if I didn’t know that this cigar featured a Sumatra wrapper I probably wouldn’t have guessed it based on tasting notes alone.

Villa Zamorano – Mechanics

After a couple touchups in the very beginning, the first third was maintenance free.  The ash held very well and fell off with a resounding thud on the porch.  Touchups became more necessary in the second and final third.

The draw offered just the right amount of resistance past the first third, allowing for ample smoke production and hedging against the dreaded relight. In fact, I set this cigar aside several times while dealing with kid issues and came back to it surprised that it was still going strong.

Villa Zamorano Robusto Review
8.6 Reviewer
8.9 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)



Burned Uneven

Not Flavor Forward

There's no doubt that Villa Zamorano features an excellent price point, making it a no brainer to try and see if it's in your wheelhouse. I found myself wanting more vibrant flavors throughout most of the experience, but I'm willing to bet that a different vitola would offer the deeper profile. The malted texture alone would have me seeking these out again in the future.
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King in Taste, not in Price.
Quite affordable for new beginners. Experience this first, then find out the other brands, you will find it not really different. A blind test is quite fun and you will surprise about it. Cheers
June 18, 2018, 12:06 am
Very good to mix...
I tried this Robusto with some different Whisky brands and it came out that John Jameson Irish Whisky and the Robusto take both the cigarr and whisky to another level, so please try! Agree that both the ash an time it will burn is amazing!
So, enjoy your OWN time!!
Leif from Sweden
May 10, 2017, 8:54 am
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