Wrapper:  Cameroon
Binder:  Dominican Republic
Filler:  Dominican Republic, Brazilian
Brand:  La Flor Dominicana (LFD)
Original Price:  $4.25  (Source Cigar Insider, Aug 01, 1998)
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Several months ago, Rich was kind enough to send me a package with several older La Flor Dominicana cigars to broaden my horizons.  Having missed the boat for many years with LFD, he filled a significant gap in my cigar knowledge with a little piece of history.

In fact, Rich also supplied the photos of the box to supplement this review.  He’s a class act through and through.

LFD 2000 Series No. 4 – Flavors

As soon as I torched this old-school Flower Band, my first impressions were of balance, sophistication, and character.  Several variations of chocolate chip cookies took the stage throughout the course of the first half:  homemade cookies, convenient store cookies, and the one time I made chocolate chip cookies and forgot to add the chocolate chips.

A solid medium body, the flavors had just enough depth to fully appreciate this cigar without overwhelming the palate.  Past the midway point, bitterness in the form of Walnut was introduced.  At first it seemed almost like a premonition of walnut brownies, but the nutty flavors and bitterness associated with it quickly pushed the delicate chocolate notes out of the picture.

LFD 2000 Series No. 4 – Construction

Even if the flavors weren’t as appetizing as they were, the construction on this cigar was nothing short of exquisite.  I’d consider the immaculate combustion line, burn equilibrium, effortless draw, and ash integrity to be the benchmark for a 10/10 rating system.

The ash itself was beautiful, like stacking dimes to form a stark white cylinder that fell off naturally in three places to herald each new segment.  This was a maintenance free, satisfying, and aesthetically pleasing experience.

LFD 2000 Series No. 4 – Thoughts

If you would’ve asked me the age on this cigar, there’s no way that I would’ve guessed 18 years.  So much personality permeated this experience after almost two decades.  I would highly recommend purchasing some of these should you be lucky enough to stumble upon some in the future.

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