I’ve heard a lot of hype on the Don Reynaldo while perusing the Warped lineup lately.  Having recently fallen in love with the Corto, and experiencing the Flor de Valle and Futuro several times in the last two weeks, it was only natural to run into the Don Reynaldo with googly eyes wondering how it stacks up.

Warped Don Reynaldo  V Cut

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Apparently the Warped Don Reynaldo was released last year with just 100 boxes being produced.  According to the Warped blog, it was only available in a 5.5 x 42 vitola (size).  This year, being a regular release, comes in a 5 x 46.

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First impressions?  Light in my hands with a very delicate feel to it.  I mean that in the best of terms, not at all derogatory.  The wrapper yields a little sweetness, with the foot giving off an aroma of vanilla, sweet tobacco, and something reminiscient of honeysuckles. I’ll be enjoying this cigar today with Starbucks coffee, water, and a splash of bourbon just for kicks.

First light:  Leather, white pepper, and a little dry earth.  Extremely smooth smoke, easy on the retrohale (blowing through the nose) and just plain good so far.  There’s a little bit of coffee lurking in the background, but the leather is more prominent and definitely suits my tastes nicely.  Just enough white pepper to add to the experience without dominating it.

Warped Don Reynaldo First Third

I’m simultaneously pulling medium-roast coffee, leather, earth, white pepper, and a very creamy undertone — not something that I’ve experienced before.  The Don Reynaldo is satisfyingly complex, melding different flavors together over and over to present unique nuances.

The burn wasn’t always even, but always levels out without touchups – love it when a good cigar takes care of itself.

Just at the first inch mark, started picking up a mellow barnyard experience that I first noticed with the Futuro.  The draw continues to be on point, exceptionally smooth, and wonderful to retrohale.  Near the end of the first third a little cinnamon even joins the team on the finish.

Warped Don Reynaldo  First Third

Warped Don Reynaldo Second Third

After ashing the first third, I was immediately greeted with more leather, cream, dark cocoa, and white pepper.  After a few more puffs, the barnyard notes are definitely coming through again.  The retrohale gets a little harsher at first, but still super smooth.

How about Bourbon?  Sure, why not!  Bulleit pulls something very soft out of the Warped Don Reynaldo – light, fluffy, faintly sweet… marshmellow.  Boom!

At the halfway point, more coffee comes through, but it’s a little deeper, a little fuller, more like a dark roast than the previous medium roasted coffee notes.

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The complexities continue to abound.  It’s like watching Matchbox Twenty continue to make new songs of the same three guitar chords.

Just prior to entering the last third there’s a slightly mineral taste coming through with some cocoa.  Like a penny coated in cocoa powder.   Not off putting, just different.


Warped Don Reynaldo Second Third

Warped Don Reynaldo Last Third

The entire experience so far has been a dry one, yet the last third flips the script yet again a wetter, more full bodied smoke.  There’s also baking spice present that I can’t quite make out, along with a definitive buttery flavor.

Really and truly, I’m not sure what to think of the last third.  It’s different.  It’s enjoyable.  It’s also got something going on that I can’t quite describe.


The mineral presence is still here, yet comes and goes with each puff.  Sometimes it’s stronger than others.  There’s also something that reminds me of the time when I sampled some fondant off a confectionary creation from the Domestic Engineer.

Warped Don Reynaldo Last Third

And just when I think I’m done with the Warped Don Reynaldo, it returns to a leathery, barnyard, and creamy profile with a little acidic zing.

The nub finishes like a good espresso – roasted flavors balanced with a slightly lemony/citrus finish.

Warped Don Reynaldo Review
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Pure complexity

Great retrohale




The Warped Don Reynaldo represents complexity and balance at it's finest! Expect a myriad of flavors like a 5 course meal over the course of 75-90 minutes.
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The Don
Great smoke overall flavors of graham cracker n caramel. Light pepper on retrohale. Flawless construction n no burn issues at all. Medium body medium strength.
March 30, 2016, 11:32 pm
decent cigar
as with all warped, construction and flavor are solid. I enjoyed the creamy flavors but thought the pepper was a little out of place. while enjoyable overall, at this price point, would probably choose another cigar.
March 29, 2016, 3:22 pm
Don Reynaldo
This was a great cigar for the price. Very flavorful, good construction. Not overly complex but enough to keep you thinking of what you're tasting. Solid med strength.
December 9, 2015, 1:20 am
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