Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Corojo 99
Binder:  Nicaraguan Corojo 99
Filler:  Nicaraguan Corojo 99, Nicaraguan Criollo 98
Vitola:  Campeón (6 x 52)
Brand:  Warped & Casa Fernandez Collaboration
Factory:  TABSA (Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A.)
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Availability:  Regular Production (Apollo vitola is less available)
Source:  IPCPR 2016

Guardian of the Farm – First Thoughts

My Guardian of the Farm (Campeon) features a seamless wrapper, visible yet flat veins, and a mostly closed foot.  The presentation is further accented by a fairly simplistic band (especially considering that Warped is involved) that lets the cigar do the talking instead of the artwork.

While the wrapper smells of subdued cedar and generic sweetness, the foot has bold aromas of robust cedar, earth, and life cereal.  A cold draw showcases much more of the woodsy presence with a tease of spice and honey for good measure.

Guardian of the Farm – First Half

Cedar, Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker, Dulce de Leche, Pepper, Cereal, Blueberry, Honey

Trying to isolate the wrapper from the closed foot, I’m delighted to find notes of fresh cut cedar, brown sugar, and graham cracker waiting for me – like a cigar version of honey grahams.  Torching the rest of the cigar, a creamy essence joins the mix and begins forming dulce de leche impressions in my head.  As with other warped cigars, there’s an exotic spice in the background just out of reach that I can’t seem to pin down.  Life goals: figure that shit out.

Warped Guardian of the Farm Review

Pepper becomes more and more noticeable as I resign to exploring the rest of the cigar.  The body is a solid medium, but it’s rich and chewy in a very satisfying way.  With almost an inch of ash, hints of blueberries and life cereal emerge.  Imagine a cereal base with creamy hints of cedar, blueberry, graham cracker, honey, and spice taking turns at bat.

Warped Guardian of the Farm Review

Honey, cedar, and pepper continue to battle over the course of our first half, leaving me wanting more every time.  Honey is significantly more pronounced when letting it rest for longer periods – and smoke still continues to roll off the foot like a chimney.  Pepper fades after the first ash drop, leaving us with long moments of reflection over a dessert cigar.  So far I’m experiencing excellent mechanics and well balanced, decadent flavors.

If Warped and/or Casa Fernandez were traded publicly, I’d be dumping my savings into their stock right about now.

Guardian of the Farm – Second Half

Cedar, Cream, Bran Flakes, Leather, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Molasses, Walnut, Dried Fruit

This half begins with more pronounced cedar notes as the creaminess begins to dissipate.  Pepper is noticeably absent as bran flakes, leather, and dark chocolate join the party and dominate the flavor profile.

There’s a darker tone to this portion of our Guardian of the Farm than the first.  Interesting combinations of espresso and dark chocolate are tempered with hints of molasses and cedar, further highlighting the profile change in this half.  I’m also noticing less smoke output from this section, and burn corrections that weren’t necessary in the first segment.

Warped Guardian of the Farm Review

What really amazes me about this year’s releases from Warped are their price points.  The 9.5 rated Villa Sombra and this Guardian of the Farm come in at $9 or less, making both of them easy value prospects that over deliver in the flavor department.  Can’t forget the 2016 release of the Lirio Rojo either, outperforming expectations.

Approaching the band, walnut flavors develop with faint traces of their accompanying bitterness.  Surprisingly, refreshing notes of dried fruit surge out of nowhere for some relief.  For the remainder of our Guardians of the Farm, walnut and woodsy notes play off each other until the not-so-bitter end.

Warped Guardian of the Farm Review

Warped / Casa Fernandez Guardian of the Farm Review
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Complex, Enjoyable Flavors

Excellent Mechanics

Great Price Point


Overshadowed 2/2

Marking another historic collab between Casa Fernandez and Warped Cigars, Guardian of the Farm hits the ground running and fires on all cylinders. The texture, mechanics, and flavors experienced in the first 45 minutes were so impressive that it overshadowed the second half. I see a lot of similarities between this cigar and Villa Sombra, especially the honey and pepper duo. All things considered, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more of these.
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