Wrapper:  Ecuadorian DesFlorada
Binder:  Ecuadorian
Filler:  Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan
Brand:  Warped
Factory:  El Titan de Bronze
Vitola:  6 x 36
CigarNoise Price Range:  $11-$14
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Warped La Coleman Amado – First Thoughts

I’ve truly been looking forward to trying the La Colmena from Warped.  I’ve also recently been smoking more lancero sizes and have found many of them to be both flavorful and also very different from other vitolas in many regards.  The La Colmena Amado No. 36 is a creamy brown-colored panatela cigar with a small pig-tailed cap and a traditional closed foot.  The wrapper has small veins and clearly defined seams.

This cigar is firm, but still has some give to it when pressured between the thumb and fingers.  From the beautiful wrapper I smelled barnyard, honey, graham cracker, and hay.  I applied a straight cut to the cap and the pigtail separated cleanly from the rest of the cigar.  The closed foot still allows a small amount of air for the cold draw with flavors of mild spice, honey, and baked bread.  I am very eager to try this!

Warped La Colmena Amado – First Third

Upon torching the foot, I smell sweetness and cedar.  The first smoke indulges the mouth with mild spice, cedar and a touch of caramel sweetness with a hint of fruit on the finish.  Imagine the taste of a very ripe tangerine.  I’m not saying the cigar tastes like a tangerine, just the ripe sweetness you’d get from that piece of fruit.

The retro hale is mildly warm and begins with some black pepper finishing quickly off the tip of the tongue.  This peppery sensation quickly gives way to cream, cream, caramel, and a hint of baking spices.    After heating up a bit more, there is a lingering sweetness from the retro hale reminding me of how the caramel from a Milky Way candy bar tastes: rich and smooth.  Cedar is heavy in the foot smoke and I can still detect it in the tasting notes as well.  This is the way you want every cigar to smell as you smoke it.

The first ash falls at about an inch and a half in.  The ash appears firm and isn’t flaky at all.  I will admit that I wasn’t being overly careful as I set the cigar down to take some notes and I may have coaxed the ash into falling a bit prematurely.

As I near the end of the first third, the mouthfeel is light and tastes of the already familiar tasting notes with one exception: now vanilla joins the gathering as well.  Not your cheap imitation vanilla flavor either – this is like the rich flavor from pure vanilla!

Warped La Coleman Review | CigarNoise | Warped Cigars

Warped La Colmena Amado – Second Third

The ash falls a second time just as I begin this segment.  Black pepper is coming on stronger now along with cedar.  They are up front and in your face but don’t overstay their welcome.  While I would say the strength of this cigar has been medium so far, the body of the cigar is starting to really build in the second third and I’m loving it.  The creamy sweetness is still there but now it’s more subdued behind the pepper and cedar.  The vanilla and spice from the first third is completely gone from the profile.

The retrohale is still peppery at the start but finishes so smooth and creamy and is absolutely pleasant at every turn.

Warped La Colmena Amado – Last Third

As I begin the last segment of this treat, I am impressed by the construction.  I haven’t applied a single touchup the entire way and the burn line is still even and crisp.  Another characteristic I have noticed is the heat of the cigar.  Even as I enter the last third, the cigar isn’t getting hot at all.  It has maintained a very even temperature from the initial toasting and the smoke production from this thin beauty is impressive as well.

The last third begins with lingering spice on the tongue that seems to be a mixture of the black pepper and more prominent baking spices.  Eventually, Cedar pushes the creamy goodness to the very back to the point that it’s barely noticeable now.  A nutty flavor also appears late in this segment that I didn’t notice at all in the first two thirds of the cigar.

Warped La Coleman Review | CigarNoise | Warped Cigars

Warped La Colmena Amado No. 36
9.1 Reviewer
9 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Amazing flavors

Beautiful construction

Absolutely even burn


Somewhat linear flavors throughout

This cigar was a real treat! I think the flavors would make for a great first cigar of the day as they are smooth, delicious, and void of any harshness. I also feel the flavors are unique enough while the body is full enough you that could smoke this cigar as your second or third of the day and it would hold it's own just fine. I look forward to smoking the Warped La Colmena in this vitola again very soon!
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