Wrapper: Nicaraguan Jalapa Corojo 99′
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo 99, Criollo 98, Esteli Medio Tiempo
Vitola: 6102R (Robusto) 5 1/2 x 48
Brand: Warped
Factory: TABSA (Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A.)
Availability: Limited Production
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10
Source: Small Batch Cigar

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Maestro del Tiempo – First Impressions

This limited edition vitola is absolutely gorgeous in appearance. The great dimensions, coupled with an expertly rolled wrapper, lend this cigar a premium appearance reminding you of an old school cuban cigar. The Maestro del Tiempo, just like the other offerings from Warped, features perfectly flat seams and a beautiful triple cap, symmetrical and impressive to behold. The 6102R is a limited edition released during IPCPR 2016 which is not only a different vitola from the standard production, but features the addition of some medio tiempo leaves.

Warped Maestro del Tiempo LE Review

Medio tiempo is a priming of tobacco from the very top two leaves of the plant.  These leaves take the longest to ripen and get the most amount of sun compared to lower primings of tobacco. This rare type of tobacco was common in many old school cuban cigars and not only imparts a distinct flavor, but provides the cigar a bit more strength than the standard production cigars.

Denoting the cigar is a limited production product, Warped chose to use a beautiful double band on the cigar which lies completely flat and flush with absolutely no wiggle room.

The wrapper has a wonderful aroma of cedar, dry leaves, wood, and cinnamon. The aroma reminds me of walking through a forest in the early morning where you can smell the damp wood and decaying leaves under your feet. Cinnamon really shines when smelling the foot of the cigar, and the cold draw, while not tight, offers a pleasant amount of resistance. The flavors in the cold draw have a very distinct flavor of shredded wheat while leaving behind a bit of a pepper bite on the lips. The pack is very firm with almost no give, leading me to believe this cigar is packed full of tobacco.

Maestro del Tiempo – First Third

Wood, Cinnamon, Pepper, Bread, Black Coffee, Minerals, Dark Chocolate, Chili Peppers

Upon lighting this cigar I’m presented with a smooth black coffee and wood flavor. The retrohale is so smooth I found myself retrohaling my first couple of draws in their entirety without a hint of a sinus burn.

Warped Maestro del Tiempo LE Review

This is where the cigar demonstrates its shocking ability to turn on a dime and keep your attention in full. A robust chili spice comes in out of nowhere. This chili spice is the aroma of roasting chilis and it punishes my sinuses for my arrogance in underestimating its power.

Warped Maestro del Tiempo LE Review

After a few minutes of punishing me with strong chili, a dark chocolate richness begins to meld with the spice giving this cigar a spicy chocolate flavor. The mouthfeel of the smoke is interesting: while the smoke is light and dry, the flavors make your mouth water and the finish is very long and complex because of it.

Maestro del Tiempo – Second Third

Wood, Cinnamon, Cane Sugar, High Cacao Chocolate, Cumin

When entering the second third, the dark chocolate flavors begin leaving a sweet cane sugar sweetness under my tongue and behind my lips. The sweetness is very welcomed and the chili peppers take on a cumin spice.

Warped Maestro del Tiempo LE Review

The smoke emanating off of the foot of the cigar has a wonderful cinnamon aroma that fills the room. At this point, strength transitions from a medium to a medium full as you start getting into the meat of the medio tiempo tobacco.

Warped Maestro del Tiempo LE ReviewThe retrohale becomes smooth again, allowing you to enjoy the aromas and flavors lying under the surface. The spice and sweetness has a savory quality to it that’s difficult to pin down. I would say this cigar would be best enjoyed later in the day after having eaten as it might be too robust in flavor to enjoy first thing in the morning with your coffee.

Maestro del Tiempo – Final Third

Cumin, Sweet Cedar, Maple, Almonds

The strength continues to ramp up, taking this cigar to its show stopping crescendo in the final third. The smoke leaves a satisfying oily mouthfeel allowing you to really enjoy the long finish.

From the foot, smoke takes on a cumin aroma and the wood flavors begin to sweeten to a golden-brown maple. At no point could you say the Maestro del Tiempo is a boring cigar as its flavors move back and forth and in and out of your perception.

Warped Maestro del Tiempo LE Review

I find that the spice in this segment moves like an incoming and outgoing tide, popping back up to remind you it’s there. At this point, I’d like to point out the burn has been perfect, razor sharp and straight from beginning to end with no need of any touchups. The cooking spices begin to mount up until the very end, punctuating the experience with no compromises.

Cigar Reviews: Warped Maestro del Tiempo 6102R LE
9.2 Reviewer
9.5 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Great value

Great construction

Beautiful appearance

Wonderful complexity


May be difficult to find

Flavors are almost overwhelming at points

At the price point this cigar retails for I'd say that it is an exceptional value in regards to flavor, complexity, and construction. The addition of medio tiempo to the blend provides cigar smokers a rare and exciting opportunity to experience what medio tiempo tastes like in a cigar that won't break the bank. I was told that Kyle Gellis wanted to create cigars that brought back the experience of smoking old school Cuban cigars and I can say that he did a fantastic job with the Maestro del Tiempo.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 1 Make some Noise
6102R...one of the best of 2016
There were a lot of fantastic sticks that have been released this year, but the 6102R from Warped might be the tops. One of the best burns, flavors and retrohales I've had in a release this year. Not easy to find but if you can, get a couple and enjoy!
December 18, 2016, 11:05 am
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