Wrapper:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder:  Corojo 99
Filler:  Corojo 99 (Jalapa), Criollo 98
Vitola:  5 1/2 x 44 (Mojitos)
Brand:  Warped
Factory:  TABSA (Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A.)
CigarNoise Price Range:  $8-$10
Source:  IPCPR 2016
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Warped Villa Sombra – First Thoughts

Well, today’s cigar is one that I’ve been dying to try ever since Rich shipped it out with the show samples.  Considering that I usually enjoy Warped cigars, and I’ve heard there’s legit strawberry notes in this cigar, I figured that today was the day to make it happen.

The wrapper sports a beautiful blonde color, fairly oily, and is virtually seamless.  Everything about the Warped Villa Sombra  looks and feels like luxury – even without a true band. The foot gives off aromas of cedar, hay, and the slightest hint of something sweet under the hood.  A cold draw, on the other hand, is much sweeter with just the right amount of resistance.

Warped Villa Sombra – First Third

Cream, Cedar, Exotic Spice, Red Pepper, Cinnamon Baked Apples, Dried Fruit, Dulce de Leche

My very first draw is layered with thick cream, rich cedar, and a dash of the exotic spice that the Warped Futuro has.  Red pepper is also present, as well as hints of cinnamon baked apples.  A retro hale yields delicate notes of chocolate, fresh bread, and something reminiscent of what fake leather smells like.  The highlight of the first half inch is the interplay between cream, heat, and sweet undertones.

Warped Villa Sombra Review

Approaching the one inch mark, notes of dried fruit and dulce de leche emerge amidst a backdrop of punishing spice.  It’s the type of spice that you talk about in the lounge, the type that makes an impression.  The type that has me begging for more even though I just described it as punishing.  Maybe exacting is a better descriptor.

The first ash falls and shatters all over my keyboard while I’m admiring it.  Warped Villa Sombra 1, Me 0.  Lingering pepper suddenly exits with the ash and the above mentioned flavors rise to the top in an exquisite turn of events.

Warped Villa Sombra – Second Third

Cream, Cedar, Caramel, Pepper, Brown Sugar, Strawberries, Honey, Graham Cracker, Dark Chocolate 

The second third rides the coat heels of the first with one exception: copious amounts of brown sugar drizzled right on top.  Yes there’s still cream, cedar, plenty of soft caramel notes, and even trace amounts of pepper beginning to build anew, but this segment has a sweet tooth.  It’s so palatable that I’m just now reaching for my glass of water.

Warped Villa Sombra Review

How ’bout those mechanics?  Well, the draw is about as good as it gets.  Asking for anything better would be asking for the impossible.  The burn, though, has required touch-ups throughout yet maintains a crisp char line.  The smoke production is also notable, producing very satisfying clouds with every puff.

Dear Jesus, did I just taste Strawberries for the first time?  I believe I did.  Hot damn!  Honey follows up with a quick one-two punch and I’m on cloud nine.  So far, it’s like Kyle reached into my soul, took my measure, and then delivered my personal blend.

Side note:  this is one of those cigars that you take home for introspection, not a cigar to enjoy in the lounge with ten other dudes smokin’ and jokin’.  There are just too many subtle nuances here to enjoy.

At the midway point, graham cracker, cedar, honey, and cream are dominating the tasting notes with subtle hints of dark chocolate rounding out the profile.

Warped Villa Sombra Review

Warped Villa Sombra – Last Third

Honey, Charred Cedar, Espresso, Cream, Dark Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Walnut, Oak, Semi-Sweet Caramel

Our last piece of the puzzle begins with leading notes of honey, charred cedar, espresso, and cream.  Whereas the second third seemed to be bright and vivid, this segment seems to be tending towards darker flavors with the exception of our sweet, sweet honey.

Warped Villa Sombra Review

Dark chocolate and graham cracker make a reappearance, with the addition of walnut, semi-sweet caramel, and oak.  This third also coats my tongue in oils and has my head spinning.  Unfortunately, I misjudged how much time I had to review the Warped Villa Sombra and have to head out with at least another 10 minutes left unexplored.

Warped Villa Sombra Review
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Exquisite Flavors

Perfect Draw

Distinct Transitions



Warped knocked it out of the park with the Villa Sombra, a cigar that now replaces the Don Reynaldo as my favorite cigar from their impressive lineup. I'll be stocking up on these when they release later this year. If you enjoy cigars that ride the sweeter side of the wheelhouse, this one has elegance written all over it.
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