Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Vitola: 6 x 52 (Toro)
Factory: La Zona (Esteli, Nicaragua)
CigarNoise Price Range: $8 – $10

Arandoza Defcon – Initial Thoughts

The Arandzona Defcon has a simple, yet engaging band. The black and grey background makes the red “DEFCON” really pop. The wrapper is a milk chocolate color with visible veins and seams.  The feel of the Defcon is slightly spongy with minimal tooth and no oil. The raised seams, visible veins, and sponginess make me curious about the overall quality of this cigar. The scents from the foot are a mixture of spice, cinnamon, toffee, and nuts. Removing the cap with a straight cut allows a cold draw full of licorice and pepper.

Arandoza Defcon – Smoking Experience

With the foot nicely toasted,  Defcon begins with a nice blast of pepper and licorice. The combination is very pleasant without overpowering. A couple more puffs on the Defcon bring chocolate, spice, and charred oak into the game.  The combo makes for an interesting flavor profile, unique to my palate.  With the arrival of caramel, coffee and roasted peanut on the profile, the complexity of Defcon begins to impress. As the first third nears it’s end, a nutty flavor with a hint of malt provide a fine finish. The only problem with Defcon so far is the temperature. This baby is burning a little hot for my liking.

The second third boldly begins with pepper, chocolate, and charred oak.  Once again, as with the preceding third, more flavors start to arrive on scene. Spice, pretzel, and coffee come forward with strength while cedar and roasted peanut hang in the background. I am also getting faint hints of cinnamon, caramel, and malt. Throughout this third, flashes of dark cherry appear occasionally.  It is so good I wish it would make a prolonged appearance. The temperature has cooled down significantly, making this a more pleasurable experience.

The last portion calms down drastically, showcasing a lighter profile of flavors.  Malt, pretzel, and creamy sweetness are the staples. This change of pace is working well.  It has a calming affect like the rainbow after a thunderstorm. The temperature has not changed, maintaining a cooler burning temperature. The ash is very loose with black and grey colors. Several times it fell off while resting. The Defcon produces thick, white smoke throughout the experience.

Arandoza Defcon – Burn and Draw

The burn on this Arandzona cigar is very inconsistent. It cycles between wavy and straight from torch to finish.  I did apply one touch-up in the early stages.  The burn issue was purely aesthetic, not detracting from the experience.  Defcon’s draw was perfect from beginning to end.

Arandoza Defcon Review
9.1 Reviewer
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Complex Flavors

Balanced Profile


Wavy/Unpredictable Burn Line

The Arandoza Defcon is a full flavored cigar with complexity and balance. The quality concerns I had prelight did not effect the performance in anyway. The price point on this cigar is $9-$11 and is worth a try if you like flavor bombs.
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