Wrapper:  Nicaraguan
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Brand:  Padron
CigarNoise Price Range:  $5-$7
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From Dave:  For the month of May, members of the CigarNoise app participated in a blind trade.  The sender removed the band and packaged it in an envelope to give the receiver an experience sans bands and prejudice.  Chris approached me a few days ago about doing a Blind Review series on the cigars he received.  I think it’s brilliant, and I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do.  

Padron 3000 Natural Review | CigarNoise | Blind Review

Padron 3000 Natural – Prelight

This looks like a robusto or maybe a little bigger, I want to say 5.5×50 or 52. The wrapper is light brown and caramel color with hardly any veins. The smell from the foot offers cedar, some coffee, and sweet hay. Very good looking cigar.

My Guess: No clue

Padron 3000 Natural – First Third

The first couple puffs are of cedar, coffee, cream and very light pepper. The flavors work well together for this medium-bodied beauty. The smoke itself is thick and chewy and the draw on this cigar could not get any better. I had some burn issues in this third but it could be my lighter which was not working properly.

The pepper only lasted the first few puffs but the cedar, coffee, and cream are very present towards the end of this third.

Padron 3000 Natural Review | CigarNoise | Blind Review

My Guess: I’m clueless – pretty sure I have smoked this before but I’m going to guess AJ Fernandez

Padron 3000 Natural – Second Third

This third offered a nutty flavor with a little bit of sweetness. The coffee has dropped off a bit but the cedar and cream work well with the sweet nuttiness. This cigar is a very good medium-bodied stick that would pair well with coffee in the morning. The burn has corrected itself and is now great. The draw remains perfect.

Padron 3000 Natural Review | CigarNoise | Blind Review

My Guess: I still have no idea this cigar is very familiar but AJ Fernandez is my guess.

Padron 3000 Natural – Final Third

In this third, the sweetness and nutty flavor diminished and has given way to the cedar again. Cedar, coffee, and cream are the staple flavors in this stick. The smoke is still as thick and chewy as it was in the first third. The draw and burn could not be any better.

My Final Guess: This cigar has me competely clueless but there is no doubt in my mind that i smoked this before. I’m staying with AJ Fernandez.

Padron 3000 Natural Review | CigarNoise | Blind Review

Blind Review: Padron 3000 Natural
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WOW. I never thought for one second that this was a Padron 3000. I have only smoked a handful of these yet the flavor was definitely familiar. The Padron 3000 is a great everyday smoke that will not break the bank. In my opinion it would pair best with coffee.
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