Wrapper: Habano
Binder: Honduran Connecticut
Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaraguan, and Paraguay
Brand: Cavalier Geneve
Vitola: Diplomate (5.5 x 56)
Number Released: Regular Production
CigarNoise Price Range: $8-$10
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Cavalier Geneve White Series – Pre-Light

Cavalier of Geneva has been making cigars in Switzerland and is now entering the American market. I met their fearless leader, Sebastien, at IPCPR this year. As I was walking past their booth, he handed me a visually striking cigar with a simple white band featuring a golden picture of a man leading a horse. In addition, a 24-karat gold leaf   diamond is placed on top of the wrapper and the cap features a pigtail.

Cavalier Geneve Review

They told me in their booth that gold’s melting point is much higher than the temperature the cigar burns at, so the gold flakes off into the ash.

Before lighting the cigar, I wondered if the gold leaf would end up being a gimmick used to sell a poor cigar or if it would be a nice addition to a good smoke. On the pre-light aroma, I picked up a lot of barnyard, hints of raisin, plum, and graham cracker. A cold draw gave me hay, lemon, and a mint-like freshness in my mouth.

I was curious about the smell of the gold leaf – it covered up most of the other aromas and provided a metallic scent, which wasn’t much of a surprise. It’s worth noting that the gold leaf flakes off if you rub it, so be careful if you’d like your gold diamond to remain pristine.

I usually write reviews in thirds, but in this case I’m going to follow the cigar’s lead. It gave me two very distinct halves.

Cavalier Geneve White Series – First Half

Roasted Almonds, Lemon, Bread, Sugary Sweetness, Mint-like Freshness, Light Pepper, Cinnamon, Cereal, Oak, Earthiness, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Churro, Creaminess, Waffle Cone, Mineral, Bitterness, Orange, Toast, Honey

Lighting up, I was greeted with roasted almonds, lemon, bread, a sugary sweetness, and that same mint-like freshness that coated my mouth in the pre-light draw. The smoke finished with a light pepper taste that lingered in my mouth for a long time. As I continued, lemon came and went as a cinnamon note developed, combining with the sugary/bready flavors to resemble Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It started as a dessert-like cigar that had quite a bit of cereal flavor.

Cavalier Geneve Review

Throughout the first half, the finish changed to a combination of oak and earth. Raisin joined the flavor party and the smoke grew creamier over time. The cereal note continued to become stronger and stronger, and would go on to become the backbone of this cigar – it remained throughout and tied all the flavors together.

I got many dessert-like flavors from Cavalier Geneve, including waffle cone. There was even half an inch where the flavors reminded me of a churro – plenty of sugar and some breadiness.

The burn line was not very even throughout the cigar, though it only needed a few touch-ups. In terms of draw, the Cavalier Geneve White Series performed well, giving it just the right amount of resistance. I was amazed at how slowly the cigar burned, and the ash wouldn’t fall off of this cigar even though I spent a decent amount of my smoking time jostling it by swatting at mosquitoes.

Cavalier Geneve Review

Near the end of the first half, two less-than-ideal tasting notes joined in: mineral and bitterness. Surprisingly, the bitterness went well with the other components of this Cavalier Geneve. It’s not my favorite flavor, but it worked. The mineral note, however, was an unwelcome visitor. It showed up from time to time, but mostly kept away.

Notes of orange, toast, and honey joined the fray as well. There was a slight char, but that also went well with the rest of the profile.

Cavalier Geneve White Series – Second Half

Cereal, Raisin, Light Sweetness, Salt, Dark Fruit, Raisin Bran, Meatiness, Char, Bread, Light Pepper

Changing gears near the mid-point, this cigar switched gears from Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Raisin Bran – specifically, the aftertaste of Raisin Bran. It lost some sweetness, added more salt, and had darker fruit flavors than the first half.

Other notes added to this dessert symphony as well: meatiness that reminded me of beef broth, damp earth, and a slight char. Overall, the second half had fewer distinct flavors, though it still tasted quite good.

Burning through the gold leaf, I was glad to find that it didn’t impact the flavor profile. And on top of that, it did just flake off into the ash like Sebastien said it would. It was fun to watch the gold diamond turn into part of the ash. As more of the cigar became ash, it just took the diamond with it.

Cavalier Geneve Review

The cigar held to its second-half raisin bran notes pretty strongly, adding only bread, lemon, and a light pepper on the finish as the cigar continued. The slow burn on this cigar made it last just short of two hours.

When I stopped smoking, a long finish of salt, lemon, bran flakes, and light pepper remained in my mouth for quite a while.

Cavalier Geneve White Series Diplomate Review
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9 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)

Excellent sweet and salty cereal flavors.

Construction, overall, was quite good.

Aesthetically pleasing cigar with a unique look.


Burn touchups

Occasional mineral note

This cigar is the real deal, not something gimmicky they gussied up. The flavors were consistently good, and the construction was solid. Ash clung to this cigar, not falling off for a long time. At a sub-ten-dollar price point, I will almost certainly smoke more of these.
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I've only smoked 3 of these cigars so far, but I can guarantee there will be plenty more in the future. The first half is my favorite in the Diplomate size, showcasing flavors of Life cereal, citrus, and eventually Cinnamon Life. It's smooth, slightly sweet, and a perfect cigar for reflection.

I've generally had an excellent burn experience except about 1/4 inch before the gold foil. From that point on, the gold overlay burns (for some reason) significantly faster than the rest of the wrapper and throws it off course. I was expecting the gold to impart some metallic flavors to the cigar, and it does, but there's a saltiness present in the second third that masks it pretty well. It's almost like a pretzel.

On the pre-light draw, I'm usually thinking that it's way too loose and wish I had punched it or used a shallow v cut. But, as soon as it's lit, an easy draw produces tons of smoke and I'm satisfied.
August 24, 2016, 10:47 am
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