Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Vitola: “The Krueger” Churchill 7¼ x 48
Brand: Tatuaje
Factory: My Father Cigars S.A. (Nicaragua)
Availability: Limited Production
CigarNoise Price Range: $11-$14
Source: Small Batch Cigar

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Tatuaje Krueger – First Impressions

This cigar is a sight to see: it’s big, leathery, and in a way unsettling to look at.  I suppose that’s only fitting for the latest Halloween Monster release from Tatuaje.  The cigar has a thick San Andres wrapper that has the feel of cardboard and, upon closer inspection, an almost hairy appearance.

The construction looks fantastic as the seams are almost invisible and the pyramid cap looks expertly applied.  It’s no surprise that this cigar was rolled and pressed in the well known My Father factory as I cannot find anything construction wise that I could criticize this cigar for.  Top marks there!

Tatuaje Krueger Review

Keeping with the theme of the cigar, the band has an unsettling green and orange color combination which, for some reason, when paired with the color of the wrapper looks more creepy than festive.  I think it’s because the text is harder to read, resulting in an uncomfortable sight.  The pack of the cigar is fairly dense with only a slight give on the cigar when it’s squeezed.

The wrapper smells of leather, spice, and sweet wood.  The aroma is apparent but not so strong that you can smell it from any distance.  The foot, in contrast, is bold and makes itself noticed with strong aromas of ginger bread, sawdust, compost, vanilla, and cloves.  This medley of aromas excites me for what comes around the bend.  A straight cut presents me with flavors of mild leather, sour dough, and nuts on the cold draw.

Tatuaje Krueger – First Third

Leather, Spice, Wood, Nuts, Wasabi, Pepper, Cream

Once flame hit the foot, I’m presented with wood, leather, nuts, and a strange wasabi spice that I’ve never experienced before in another cigar.  The smoke is absolutely creamy, and the flavors are much more delicate than I had expected.  The retrohale is an interesting experience to say the least, interacting with the draw and aromas like the colors on the band.  They work together, but then they don’t quite work together.  There’s a sweetness and creaminess on the forefront, but the green wasabi spice arrives in the finish is so sharp and vibrant that it clashes.

Tatuaje Krueger Review

The burn on the cigar has been slow and steady with a line that’s straight enough to draw a line with.  To be completely honest, the odd flavors of the Tatuaje Krueger is a little daunting when presented in such a large vitola with such a slow burn rate.

Tatuaje Krueger – Second Third

Leather, Baking Spice, Nuts, Cream, Cedar, Pepper, Cinnamon, Earth 

Unfortunately the flavors have remained mostly the same.  There have been a few subtle shifts, namely that the wasabi spice has shifted into a cedar and pepper presence.  Sweetness becomes more pronounced and the spices have developed into baking spices, including a cinnamon medley which is also pleasant.

Tatuaje Krueger Review

That being said, the strength of flavors in the Tatuaje Krueger have never gone above a medium level and so the transitions have been more tenuous instead of hard and fast.  The dominating flavors are still of Leather, earth, cream, with a nutty finish.

Tatuaje Krueger – Last Third

Leather, Mild Spice, Mild wood, Wasabi, Cream, Nuts

This cigar has been a marathon for me with the burn and transitions progressing so slowly that I found myself willing it to go faster.  I was rewarded for my patience, however, in the beginning of the last segment.

The spice has mellowed out significantly, with wasabi returning in a much subtler form than the first third.  Overall, there’s a much more pronounced thick, creamy flavor and mouthfeel in this third with sweeter, milder wood flavors.

Tatuaje Krueger Review

Sadly, the only quick thing the Krueger did was start heating up in the last third.  While I was enjoying the flavors towards the end the most, heat started building up with a good amount of cigar left to go.  I’m personally not a fan of hot smoke, so I ended it with a little more cigar left than I normally would for review.

Cigar Reviews: Tatuaje Krueger
8.4 Reviewer
8.8 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Great Construction

Beautiful appearance

"Cool factor"


Flavors weren't always pleasant

Very long smoke time

No major flavor transitions

This year's Halloween release "The Krueger" was anticipated by many fans of the Tatuaje brand. With the amount of hype and the number of marked up boxes of this cigar floating around on the internet, I'm disappointed that the cigar itself doesn't live up to the anticipation. That being said, it's possible that this cigar may turn out to be a collectors dream with a good amount of rest and age. Only time will tell.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 2 Make some Noise
Probably my favorite monster
December 15, 2016, 7:02 am
Excellent cigar! Long smoke!
I was actually able to get a Dress box of the Kruegers this year and picked up a few extras as well. It is an Excellent smoke. I let mine age and mellow for 2 months after picking them up back in early October. It was a delight to smoke, but it did take a long time. An hour and a half and I still had about 1/4 left. Definitely had the fruitiness and sweetness, then built to a full flavor with spicy leather and wood and some chocolate towards the end.
December 15, 2016, 1:12 am
Make some Noise


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