Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Vitola: Corona Gorda (6 x 46)
Brand:  CLE
Factory: Undisclosed
CigarNoise Price Range: $5 – $7
Availability:  Regular Production

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CLE Prieto – Initial Thoughts

Set against a dark Broadleaf wrapper, the labeled white tissue paper with black and silver bands really pops and catches the eye.  The wrapper is chocolate colored with visible veins and seams, feels fairly rough, and displays minimal tooth and oil.  Utilizing a straight cut to remove the cap, coffee, chocolate and cedar hit me on the cold draw.

CLE Prieto – Smoking Experience

Toasting the foot of this beauty sends me on my way and I’m off to the races. The bell rings, gates open, and the Prieto starts out with a nice combo of pepper and coffee. Pepper takes the early lead with coffee right on its tail. On the way to the first turn, chocolate, brown sugar, and earth make their move to the inside with caramel behind in the distance. As the first turn is coming to an end, an unidentifiable fruity flavor and nutty finish make a charge. This seams like it is going to be a tight race folks!

Now on the back straight away, chocolate takes a commanding lead. Coffee, brown sugar, and earth are behind by a couple lengths with pepper bringing up the rear. The battle for second is changing frequently until coffee dashes forward. Halfway to the finish, caramel and nutty finish charge from the rear leaving pepper in their dust. Pepper comes up limping and can not finish. Coming into the final turn it’s anyone’s race!

We begin the final turn with chocolate, coffee, and caramel. Brown sugar, earth, and leather came out of nowhere and are battling behind the leaders for inside position to make a run for the front. Nutty finish surges from the rear of the pack but doesn’t have the legs to compete. As they come out of the final turn and head for home, the finish is smooth and tasty. This was a great race to call from the booth!

CLE Prieto – Burn & Draw

The burn on this cigar was less than good, requiring multiple touch ups and fighting to stay lit.  At one point, a hole developed below the burn line (see picture) which I have never had happen before. On the other hand, the draw began a little tight but loosened up after 5-10 minutes. The smoke output was thick and heavy even while resting.

CLE Prieto Review
8.5 Reviewer
9.9 Cigar Noise Network (1 vote)




The Prieto was a great smoke with complex and full flavors. The only downside to this cigar was the burn, but it's definitely worth a try for the price.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 1 Make some Noise
My Impressions of the CLE Prieto
I enjoyed reading this review with a horse race theme.
My impressions after smoking two Robustos now are that the multitude of aromas and flavors are unlike most cigars being produced today.
This smoke comes on like a full throttle type but at the end it finishes with grace so a medium / full is a perfect description for it.
The build is superb, the aroma of it unlit is very tempting and promises to be a great smoke which it lives up to.
Now where I disagree with the author of the review.
To date, I have never had a cigar that showed me a razor sharp burn line like this.
I actually took pictures of it and sent them to my brother in Minnesota. It was that impressive.
The pepper finish literally wakes you for the next journey of the next puff.
The second Prieto I smoked was exactly like the 1st.
This time I sent pics to my buddies at work and they were impressed.
Needless to say, I found a good deal for a box and ordered quickly.
My humidors have some of the best smokes in the world in them. I have a modest in size but high quality stuff ageing nicely.
I will go for a CLE Prieto before reaching for a Padron, AVO or one of my favorites, a Drew estate #9.
In fact, I will take one of these if offered to me instead of an Opus X, which I have had.
Get em guys you won't regret a thing.
March 15, 2017, 12:33 pm
Make some Noise

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