Community Spotlight:  Cordoba & Morales

Real Name:  Azarias Mustafa Córdoba

Reading the story about your Grandmother’s inspiration to launch this company was incredible.  Which cigar do you think would be her favorite in your lineup?  

When we first started our company 5 years ago, I would say it was the Family Reserve but now it would be our Finca Santa Fe.

What are you looking forward to most at this years IPCPR from your releases or someone elses?

We’re looking forward for people to try our new Sumatra Platino-Reposado En Cedro along with our new Finca Santa Fe.

What are some of your recent successes?

Getting into one of the best stores in the nation, Corona Cigar Company based out of Orlando, FL and thanks to Dave Payne we have also been able to get the word out regarding the overreach of the FDA.


I couldn’t say that we’ve had any failures yet but we are worried about the FDA.

If the FDA has their way on 8 August, how will it impact Cordoba & Morales? 

If the FDA had their way in regards to the fees that they would charge then that would definitely put us out if business.

In today’s world, we often see Manufacturers of brands that aren’t as familiar with the tobacco industry as you are.  How important is it to be a Torcedor as well as the owner of Cordoba & Morales? 

Being a torcedor is a plus because I can do events and roll cigars all while helping to educate the smoker that hasn’t had the opportunity to go to a factory. The more you know about what it takes to make a good cigar the more you will fall in love with it.

If your brand was a musician or band, which singer/band would most closely represent your style? 

I would have to say Michael Jackson because just like his music we’re trying to create blends that are timeless.

What’s something that you’ve learned in the cigar industry that you wish you knew before you entered it? 

I have learned a lot about different tobaccos from around the world and I keep learning everyday. This industry and the tobacco leaves are very humbling.

Do you see any new trends developing in the U.S.?  (ex:  vitolas, flavors, prices)

In my opinion, I see a lot of people interested in flavorful cigars and not so much the strong ones. I also see more customers willing to spend more money for special cigars that are worth the price.

What’s your favorite cigar memory? 

My favorite cigar memory would have to be walking the farm that used to belong to my grandmother in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.