Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres
Binder:  Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler:  Brazilian, Nicaraguan
Brand:  Drew Estate Subculture Studios
Factory: Fabrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua S.A
Price Range:  $5-$7
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Quite often I find myself without an hour or two to dedicate to a cigar, or in the case of Minnesota fall and winter, such undesirable temperatures that I simply cannot sit out in the cold for more than 45 minutes.  Moments like these call for a short smoke.  The MUWAT (My Uzi Weighs a Ton) Bait Fish is one such cigar that I reliably reach for under these constraints. The Bait Fish is part of the Drew Estate MUWAT line, a project that evolved between Drew Estate’s Subculture Studios and Joya de Nicaragua, and was first released in 2011 with the Bait Fish vitola being added a year later. Read the full story here.

MUWAT Bait Fish 4 X 44 First Third

The Bait Fish is made up of Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade binder, Brazilian Mata Fina filler and a nice dark San Andreas Negro wrapper. I went with a straight cut, and the cold draw presented notes of raisins and dates.  This cigar starts out with a punchy savory flavor.  Cedar, leather and a hint of coffee are all right up front.  True to many Drew Estate cigars, the smoke output is heavy and thick.  A slight pepper spice appears on the back of my tongue.  A nice sharp burn line starts to develop on the Bait Fish, and we’re off to a good start.

MUWAT Bait Fish 4 X 44 Second Third

As I hit the second third, the pepper starts to even out, but I’m starting to taste grainy biscuit notes.  The pepper is still present, and earth and leather start to take a back seat.

[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_0]

MUWAT Bait Fish 4 X 44 Final Third

Around the final third, coffee and cedar kick back in but spicy pepper still lingers around.  My palate can sometimes be overwhelmed by pepper, but not here.  The spicy note is well balanced and compliments the rest of the Bait Fish profile.  I wouldn’t consider this a strong cigar, but I’m starting to feel some nicotine.

While this is a short smoke, I’m pleased with it’s complexity. Flavors are bold and intense without being overpowering.  However, I’m not bombarded by intensity, but instead the flavors evolve from one to another in smooth transitions.
Short vitolas don’t always measure up to their full size counterparts, and although smaller ring gauges sometimes lead to stronger, even harsher flavors, the Bait Fish can hold it’s own. This is a full bodied cigar with a rich flavor profile, and doesn’t hold anything back.  If you find yourself with limited time or the weather is uncooperative, the Bait Fish is something you should have on hand for shorter occasions or frankly to mix up your regular rotation.  Total smoking time was about 45 minutes.

Drew Estate MUWAT Bait Fish 4 X 44
7.7 Reviewer
8.2 Cigar Noise Network (5 votes)
Full bodied, bold and surprisingly in your face for its size.
Unless you pick these up in a five pack, they can be a bit expensive for a short stick.
A great stick to add to your short smoke stash for when you're short on time, cold weather limits how long you want to stay out, or you're just looking for a little kick.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 5 Make some Noise
Always on hand
For me this a cigar I like to always have on hand. It is great quality, with smooth full bodied flavors and not a huge time commitment. I love the mouth feel of the thick white smoke produced by the MUWAT line. Of the other vitolas I have had, the bait fish is my favorite. Although the $5-$7 price point is relatively low, I only buy the bait fish on sale or at a discount.
December 15, 2016, 12:29 pm
Good for cold days
This little smoke is great for when I want to smoke but it is too cold to be outside for over an hour. Lots of smoke and strong flavor of leather and pepper.these consistently have good construction and draw. Probably a bit overpriced considering you can get cracker crumbs for a lot cheaper.
March 29, 2016, 6:27 pm
Good vitola for weather-dependent smoking
So, I smoked one of these too this week: http://imgur.com/a/vSxsC and got mostly bittersweet chocolate and coffee. As another poster above said, the +11 is really my go-to MUWAT, but depending on the weather, or the time allotment, sometimes 4x44 is all you have time for, and the Bait Fish fills that niche. Actually, they had a Digital Son 6 for a while, that was actually the perfect vitola for me, but that was a limited release, and I don't know if they're around any more.
I got mine in a five-for-$20 Cigarmonster five pack, $4 each, and there's really no reason to pay any more than that as they're pretty regularly available at that price.
Good cigar, especially when time is a factor.
March 24, 2016, 1:59 pm
good not great
I'm a big Uzi fan it's def one of my go tos but I didn't really care for the bait fish if u only have 45min-1hour to smoke it's a great option but for the Uzi line I prefer the +11
March 4, 2016, 2:08 pm
Good for a MUWAT
Best of the Uzi line
March 4, 2016, 12:56 pm
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