Wrapper: Honduran
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran
Vitola: 5 x 50 Robusto
Brand:  JRE Tobacco Co
 Las Lomas

JRE Tobacco Co. Tatascan – Initial Thoughts

The Tatascan comes to us from the JRE Tobacco Company. JRE Tobacco Company is a joint effort between Christian Eiroas’ father and brother under the umbrella of CLE Cigar Company. Tatascan tranlates to “Head Boss” and I hope the experience lives up to the name.

The simple red and gold band adorned by a cowboy hat fits the stick rather nicely. The wrapper is light brown, reminding me of coffee with lots of creamer. The oily wrapper has one thick, visible vein running through it and the seams are visible as well.

The smell coming off the foot is of light coffee and cream. As I pull a cold draw through my chosen v-cut, I notice an unusual amount of sweetness on the wrapper. Beyond the sweetness are flavors of coffee and hay.

JRE Tobacco Co. Tatascan – Smoking Experience

I torch the foot and dig in to see what the “Head Boss” is all about.  The first puff delivers hay, cedar, coffee, and a subtle hint of white pepper. After ten minutes, baking spice and cinnamon arrive with a woody finish.  I have to say, the sweetness from the wrapper is very strong for my palate and throws the balance of flavors off. The burn and draw could not be any better; producing a nice thick, creamy white smoke.

As the second third begins, dark chocolate muscles to the front and balances really well with wrapper sweetness. This sweet combo lasts for about five minutes and suddenly the flavors become very mild. I am getting cream and cedar with a bread-like finish. Once again, the wrapper sweetness revives to create chaos amongst the flavors.

Halfway through, there are hints of coffee and cinnamon in the background. The burn and draw stay very consistent but the smoke production has fallen off. Approaching the end of this third, the sweetness from the wrapper has dissipated and balance is restored.

The final third begins with coffee, cedar, and a nutty finish. At the midpoint, a hint of graham cracker joins in with a very nice finish of wood notes  and nuttiness.  Without the wrapper sweetness noted previously, this is the best third. The burn and draw finish in perfection.

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Near Perfect Mechanics


Balance Issues With Flavors

The Tatascan is a very mild cigar that would go great in the morning with coffee, but the overwhelming sweetness became too much for me at times.
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