Wrapper:  Sancti Spiritus
Binder:  Nicaraguan
Filler:  Nicaraguan
Brand:  L’atelier Imports
Factory:  My Father Cigars S.A.
Price Range:  $15-$19
Availability:  Limited
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As I parked my car in the lot of my local brick and mortar my excitement grew to the level of a 6 year old on Christmas day. Walking across the lot, I am greeted by a store front of windows with a bold sign HERITAGE PREMIUM CIGAR SHOP (shameless plug) and the excitement grows. Inside I am met by what I can only describe as the best smell on earth -a fully stocked cigar humidor. Open the door, breathe in deep, let it out slow, no smell like it! Now to the important part.

Vitola: Churchill
Length: 7″
Ring Gauge: 47

L’Atelier Côte d’Or – Appearance / Pre-light

This is a very dark and beautiful looking cigar. An espresso colored wrapper and very soft box pressed shape work well with the gold and white band. The cigar smells of earth with notes of chocolate and coffee. The triple cap allows for a nice clean straight cut. The pre-light draw offers notes of cedar and coffee.

L’Atelier Côte d’Or – First third

After a quick toast the first puff offers a blast of pepper, earth, cedar, chocolate, and and dark fruit flavor I cant figure out. The flavors coming from this are deep and chewy with a long finish. The smoke is very thick and creamy. The burn and draw are absolutely flawless in the first third

Latelier Cote d'Or Review First Third

L’Atelier Côte d’Or – Second third

In the second third of this smoke I had some burn issues that needed correcting but after that no further problems. The draw was still performing better then ever. This third however the flavors have dulled down a bit. The pepper has disappeared and given way to earth, coffee, heavy cedar, and a chocolaty sweetness.

Latelier Cote d'Or Review Second Third

L’Atelier Côte d’Or – Final third

In this third of the cigar I found a combination of all the flavors so far. Earth, cedar, chocolate, coffee, dark fruit, and pepper all come together to create a very rich flavor to finish this baby off. The balance of this blend really shows that makers know what they doing. The flavors come and go while finishing this beauty off and in doing so I don’t want the experience to end. I do not normally nub my cigars but I had to with this cigar.

L’Atelier Côte d’Or Review
9.2 Reviewer
8.7 Cigar Noise Network (2 votes)

Great blend of Flavors

Perfect Draw



The Côte d’Or is a very well balanced full flavor cigar. The flavors mix together to make for a very pleasant and incredible smoking experience. I would not recommend this cigar for a permanent rotation smoke. The price point puts this cigar more for a celebratory or special occasion smoke. This cigar will only get better with age but overall this a great cigar.
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Great cigar
The first time i smoked this cigar i was sitting next to Pete Johnson. As i cut and put flamage to it i looked at him and smiled. He said thats the reaction he was hoping for. Fruity with hints of chocolate, spice and leather. Very well balanced.
January 15, 2016, 7:01 pm
L'Atelier can do better
No knock on Chris, this cigar just didn't do it for me. Compared to other offerings by L'Atelier, I expected much more for $15 from this company. The highlight was just before the midway point - chocolate and cherries tasted like Black Forrest Cake. Other than that, the cigar was rather tedious for me to smoke through. I'd like to see a box-pressed robusto size, or possibly a corona gorda.
January 15, 2016, 5:31 pm
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