Wrapper: Ecuadorian Colorado Oscuro
Binder: Dominican Havana Seed
Filler: Dominican, Honduran
Vitola: Connoisseur (6 x 52)
Brand: Paul Garmirian
Availability: Standard production
CigarNoise Price Range: $12 – $15
Source: Small Batch Cigar

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 – First Impressions:

This beautiful and well-made looking cigar comes wrapped in a dark, brindle-colored wrapper with almost no visible veins and well-applied seams. The cap looks equally applied and this cigar looks like it was carved out of a piece of mahogany.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Review

The aromas coming off of the wrapper smell of sweet wood and leather, aged tobacco and raisins. Moving over to the foot, an aroma of molasses, candied fruits, baking spices, and creamy leather remind me of when I went to visit my friend in London and his father brought out a Christmas pudding and poured warm brandy over it.

The cold draw provides looser-than-average resistance with flavors of hay, wood, much more pronounced spice, and candied fruits. I’m already excited to put flame to this as the first impressions leave me to believe that I’m going to experience a rich and powerful melody of dark, sweet flavors.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 – First Third:

Mild Wood, Leather, Wet Earth, Cinnamon, Cedar, Cream, Nutmeg

The first draws provide a creamy, mild wood flavor that carries with it a smooth and pleasurable retrohale. A touch of baking spices play on the finish with the overall profile being dominated by cream and cedar. The cigar is much more mild than I anticipated with the flavors and strength playing at a medium to mild level.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Review

Unfortunately, while the combustion line is very tight, the burn line has begun to show signs of wavering. The loose draw provides copious amounts of thick, creamy smoke that coats the mouth – almost like drinking a creamy latté. Already the profile greatly reminds me of one of the core offerings currently on the market from Davidoff.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 – Second Third:

Cedar, Cream, Hickory Smoke, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Leather

Upon entering the second third, flakey ash has fallen off in pieces meaning that I have to be very careful when handling the Paul Garmirian Symphony 20. I’ve already had to touch it up once so far to correct some erratic burn issues. The spices present in the first third have increased their presence in the flavor profile during this segment.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Review

Although there are different nuances that play in the second third, the flavors have remained similar to those I experienced in the previous third.  Sweet orange peel appears in the retrohale which is a pleasant change that has allowed the cigar to keep my attention.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 – Final Third:

Cedar, Cream, Nutmeg, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Leather, Orange peel

The final third chugs right along continuing with much of the same flavors as before, with sweetness being more apparent as the spice mellows out. The smoke is still very creamy while the cedar and leather interplay continues the theme of this cigar. I was hoping for a bit more complexity from this cigar but unfortunately it was not to be.

The last two thirds saw a few more touchups and the cigar did go out on me once. For a cigar that isn’t keeping my attention with good complexity and nuance, it is keeping my attention with burn issues.

Fortunately, as the cigar begins to heat up, flavors never get harsh and there isn’t any pepper bite. As long as you’re fine with warm smoke you’ll be able to smoke this down to the nub.

Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 Review

Cigar Reviews: Paul Garmirian Symphony 20
7.9 Reviewer
8.4 Cigar Noise Network (3 votes)

Good Flavors

Medium/Mild Strength

Beautiful Appearance


Burn Issues

Not Much Complexity

Limited Availability

Hefty competition at this price point

Overall I'd say that the Paul Garmirian Symphony 20 is a good cigar but not a great one. While the lack of nicotine strength and flavors would make it a good breakfast cigar, it doesn't offer much to arrest your attention when you're looking to sit down and just appreciate a cigar. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a creamy, smooth, flavorful, and uneventful smoke.
What Other Folks Are Saying: 3 Make some Noise
Symphony 20 Corona Extra review
I chose the Symphony 20 Corona Extra, a vitola right in my wheelhouse, with a gorgeous medium-dark brown wrapper, and a wonderful pre-light aroma. Wrapper had a few veins, a few big honkin' ones, but mostly small and thin.
Punched it with a larger diameter punch, and immediately noticed that the wrapper and cap were very think. I really like thick wrappers, as I've had a few thin-wrapped cigars have a few construction problems. Cigar felt very moist and a good balance of firm and "squishy". Had been stored in a plastic Tupperdor with humidification gel.
Cigar lit easily, and first third had a surprising bit of pepper to it. I'm not sure why I said "surprising", because as my first PG I didn't know what to expect, but the pepper still surprised me.
Second third, the pepper completely disappeared, not a trace, and a pleasant nutty flavor emerged, and a specific type of nut, like a praline, or a pecan, that I recognized.
Third third got a little sweeter than the first two had been, and that praline flavor really established itself.
The second half of the third third (the sixth sixth?) tarred up a little bit, and I thought about recutting the cigar, but my punch had been so deep, and all the tar was down in the bottom of the punch, and I would have had to have cut off - literally half of what was left - too much cigar and cap to get rid of the tar, and as it was not intolerable, and I was really enjoying the cigar up to this point, I went ahead and nubbed it.
Will I smoke the four remaining ones I have? Absolutely, it was an excellent cigar. Will I buy more after these? I don't know, it was an excellent cigar, but at $12 each, I can think of a lot of $6-$7-$8 cigars that I enjoy just as much, and given the choice of say, two Hemingway Signatures or two Illusione CG4s for the same $12, I'd probably be more likely to buy two of my old favorites, than one P.G., despite how good it was.
December 14, 2016, 11:34 pm
9 Months Later
When I first tried these, I remember thinking that it was an overpriced cigar. 9 months later, the flavors blew me away. Cedar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and latte flavors layered in mocha and hazelnut over time to make a unique Symphony of flavors.

All things considered, I'm ordering more of these and burying 'em for a year. Today's experience needs to be repeated over and over again.
November 17, 2016, 10:19 am
PG Symphony 20
With burn issues right out of the gate, the value rating suffers immediately. Given the price of this cigar, my expectations are high. I'm in agreeance with Carlos on the aesthetic power of this cigar; it's gorgeous.
I'd also agree it really fails in the complexity department. There aren't many distinct changes in the profile, the flavors within the profile aren't vivid, only discernible. One flavor I pulled from my experience was an essence of grilled meat. It exists far in the finish and if I was puffing on the cigar too often, I'd totally miss that note due to it's slow developement.
The bottom line for me is I probably would t go running out to buy another one. This is my second time smoking this PG cigar and both experiences were quite similar.
October 22, 2016, 7:15 pm
Make some Noise


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