Wrapper:  Maduro
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Brand:  Quesada
Factory:  Quesada Cigars
Price Range:  $5-$7
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The Sons Of Freedom is an exclusive cigar to Casa de Montecristo made by Quesada.  It’s extremely budget friendly coming in at just 5.50 for the Maduro and it’s priced as low as 4 dollars for the robusto size.

Sons of Freedom Maduro – Pre Light Inspection

The Sons of Freedom has a very nice color to it, sort of a milk chocolate look and a very smooth feel minus the veins that can be seen. Off of the foot there are some sweet notes: chocolate, a bit of coffee and a sweet tobacco.

The cold draw had a slight sweetness to it but nothing like the foot gave off. For the cut of the cigar I decided to go with a V cut because I didn’t want to cut the torpedo tip too much.

Sons of Freedom Maduro – First Third

Grandmas Black Coffee, Salted Peanuts, Meat, Dark Chocolate 

Right out of the gate the Sons of Freedom hits me with a right hook of flavor: black pepper, dark chocolate, and a very rich black coffee that just covers my palate. Not even 3 draws in and the coffee flavor is taking over.  It really is nice, though it reminds of the coffee my grandma would drink.

She was a no frills kind of lady especially when it came to her coffee. She would always drink it black and it had a very distinct smell and taste which this cigar reminds me of.

Sons of Freedom Maduro Cigar Review | Casa de Montecristo | Cigar Noise

The first retro-hale I took was very smooth and really helped make the flavors pop, including a new flavor which reminded me of salted peanuts. Midway through the first third there was a flavor shift that brought on some meatiness and some more of the saltiness. The retro-hale was also super smooth – I found myself retro-haling on almost every draw just to accentuate the flavors.

Sons of Freedom Maduro – Second Third

Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Black Pepper, Earth

Right as the second third started, the ash dropped off in a nice solid chunk. When the ash fell, and the flavors opened up, the coffee was just as present as ever along with that the saltiness in the first third. A coupe more puffs and dark chocolate from the first third makes a more noticeable appearance.

A little less then halfway through the second third, I noticed the black pepper picking up quite a bit and some spice being thrown into the mix. As well as a distinct earthiness. Just like the the first third, the retro-hale was still really smooth and enabled a routine retro-hale with almost every puff.

Sons of Freedom Maduro Cigar Review | Casa de Montecristo | Cigar Noise

The last part of the second third was more of the same but still nice. A bit of dark chocolate, hints of the black pepper/spice, and of course the staple and star of the cigar: the coffee.

Sons of Freedom – Final Third

Coffee, Black Pepper, Spice, Rich Tobacco

Starting off the last third of the Sons of Freedom is a nice kick from the black pepper and spice. The coffee is also still going strong. The flavors for the last third where really consistent: not too many transitions, but enough to keep me interested.

Sons of Freedom Maduro Cigar Review | Casa de Montecristo | Cigar Noise

Sons of Freedom Maduro – Final Thoughts

This cigar really surprised me and is honestly well worth the price point. There wasn’t a lot of complexity but there were some nice transitions in the first couple thirds. The cigar also had a very nice burn and stayed really cool down to the nub. The flavors were very dark and rich throughout and it fit well into my wheelhouse and what I usually tend to smoke. For 5.50 a stick I would see myself smoking these often and I am going to have to buy a box soon.

Sons of Freedom Maduro Torpedo CDM Exclusive Review
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Great burn

Nice Dark Flavors

Fantastic Price Point


Lack of Complexity

Store Exclusive

Somewhat Snug Draw

If you like a cigar with a lot of dark flavors or want a lot of bang for your buck the Sons of Freedom is for you. This cigar is really consistent and burns really well. For just 5.50 a stick you can't go wrong trying it at least once.
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